Your Easter Egg Says You Are Religious

What my Easter egg says about me is true. I am a very spiritual person who despite my tough exterior many times I just come home from work and cry in the shower or bath. The job is frustrating with no resolution. 

I’m only happy when I am not at work or with my brother Stephen. ♡ ☆ 

23 thoughts on “Your Easter Egg Says You Are Religious

    1. There is nothing that can be done about the situation. Workplace bullies always win. Just like we have a bully in the White House now. People like bullies and they get all the support and the breaks. They are never called to account for their behavior.

      At this point either one of two things will happen. #1 I’ll have another stroke and die from stress or #2 maybe I’ll live long enough to retire. In the meantime I suffer. I’m trapped with no way out.

      1. I gave up because this person is confrontational. I work at night. There are very few staff and I’m the only woman security working at night. It’s a small building and it would be impossible to avoid him. I’m telling you that it is a hopeless situation. He has been warned, suspended & spoken to countless times. His behavior will not stop. Even the other people in his dept hate him but again the bullies always win. The stress has already gotten to me. It’s too late.

  1. You’ve got so much soul Deborah that it’s painful to see when others treat others with such disregard. What a hateful person that fellow is. I hope he doesn’t get what’s coming to him ‘cos it won’t be pretty. Just keep your spirit up and tune out as much as you can. Be blessed.

    1. Even the people in his department hate his guts. He has been spoken to, reprimanded, suspended and every other disciplinary action you can think of but this does not phase him. Seems like evil people get away with every wicked action. I’ve taken to hiding in dark galleries of the museum to escape.

  2. I am so sorry to hear that you are unhappy in your job! I am sure you are doing very good and hope the others open their eyes finally and appreciate you as you deserve it, dear!

    1. I increased my contribution to my 403b because if I waited on somebody else’s recognition or validation I’d be a skeleton 6 feet under in my grave. You can do all things right, be correct work hard and do a good job but that does not matter. Only the bullies get rewarded. This guy has been doing this for probably 25 years with few punishments. Good people get hurt while the evil nasty ones prosper and do well while they terrorize their fellow employees. All I can do now is hope for early retirement. As the situation won’t change.

      1. This is an unbearable situation indeed! Injustice is something I start boiling! I can only imagine how it must feel to be treated that way with almost no chance to get heard. What I cannot understand is that they get away although already known as bully!!

      2. He has been reprimanded, spoken to, written up and suspended but that does not phase him. He just keeps on with his bad behavior which affects the rest of the night-time staff. Management is well aware of his behavior. They know what he is doing. Most of the other night-time staff do their best to avoid him. Last week I hid in a dark gallery until it was time for me to do my rounds in the building. I now must use a different break room as I must avoid him. He is not in my department but his insanity affects everyone and even the women who work during the day think he is creepy.

      3. That’s a horror story. Most of all that he still works there although the management knows about him more than well. There are lots of people who would be thankful for his job and would do it a lot better than him including dealing with colleagues… I cannot understand how the management tolerates this!

      4. Even though it is a museum they are in business to make money not be concerned about the health and welfare of the staff.

        As for me I now know that I must retreat from people and isolate myself. Nobody is going to protect me.
        I am on my own. In this life evil wicked people win.

      5. I am just so sorry that you need to deal with it. The problem is that the ones in charge don’t care until they are forced to do so. That’s why they make bad decisions. It is stupid to only think about he money because good staff is what makes good money. The others cost time and money!!

      6. Well what you say is true but profits mean more than people. Now I am getting ready for work to face another day. Hopefully all will go well and today nothing bad will happen. Maybe this will be a good week for me.

      7. Let’s focus on the good and even when bad things happen they don’t weigh that much. You are an incredible person and you are appreciated by the majority. Don’t let one stupid person make you believe something else!

      8. With all I’ve been through and all I’m going through at this point my life is in God’s hands. God makes the final decision not me. I can live with the Lord’s choice. Not just my body is tired. My soul is tired. My soul is broken. The more I try to pull together the more I’m pulled apart. Until you get to that point it’s easy to believe the best yet why am I living worse constantly. Why no improvement? Why is my health going down? I don’t know why but there is a reason for everything. One day I will find out what I’m doing wrong.

      9. I don’t believe you did something wrong. Why ever you need to go through this, I hope so strongly that you will find out soon in order to finally find your peace and be happy. Time works for you and I cross my fingers for an early retirement. Lots of love and huge hugs, Deborah and don’t forget: we have it on our bucket list to meet one day!!

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