Don’t give or allow the Abusers of your past to have Power over your present and Future. Take Back Your Power!!


They took my innocence at such a young age that I dreamed of climbing an apple tree and live like the squirrels.

They took my safety at such a young age that I wanted to live alone by a lake surrounded by cliffs so no one could find me, ever!

They took my choice to have my own interests at such a young age that I cringed when it came time for learning.  

They took my esteem and infused it with shame, humiliation, and embarrassment at such a young age that I wanted to become and often felt invisible.

They took all those innate things away at such a young age that my ability to have trust, faith, security, self-esteem, hope or “person-ness” was stripped away.

Until it wasn’t!

Now “They” don’t have the power over me they used to have.

Yes, there are effects that resulted from all…

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    1. My Fitness regime is just to stay alive. At my age I’ve seen, heard and been to way too many wakes and funerals. However going to the gym and high impact exercise is not for me as I have arthritis. I’m lucky I can get out of the bed to walk so I’ll leave all the jumping, leaping and running for folks under 40! LOL!! Happy New Year!

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