Solo Walking

Solo Walking

Some have inquired as to whether my brother Stephen and I do Steps together. The answer to that question is No other than the 5K Walk we did on March 30th.

Stephen and I do not Live together. I Live in Brooklyn and Stephens residence is in a part of Queens only accessible by car. No subway trains or buses therefore I rarely see Stephen in person.

After my ocular occlusion and resulting retina issues I gave up driving over ten years ago. Nor do I have anyone willing or able to drive me to and from where Stephen resides. Plus now I have cataracts. Most of my caregiving is done by phone, texting or emailing. The residence decides as far as dropping him off to Brooklyn and picking him up. No we don’t get together on most Holidays either.

Many of my Followers and Subscribers have family members with Autism but I notice that they are married therefore having a built in Support System. As much as I would Love to spend more time with my brother Stephen currently I must settle for the few days a year that we are able to get together.

None of this is a complaint just stating facts. Please don’t ask me about my eyesight as I’m not giving out any extra information. This Blog is not a pity party.

Hopefully now more People will understand what it is to be a Solo Caregiver and a Solo Walker in life.

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  1. I am a solo walker too. Not in life I must add, but when I go for a walk I mostly am alone. That suits me fine. I can go my own pace, stop where I want to, go where I choose. Not seldom an interesting conversation with another solo walker occurs. I do carry my camera. I’m never bored.

    1. I always have my cellphone with me which is why I’m able to take so many pictures. Yesterday I took Lots of photos that I put on my Photography Blog Roaming Urban Gypsy. Most of them came out fairly well. Solo Walking also gives me the opportunity to stop and chat with my neighbors in the Community.

  2. A great big hug to you and to Stephen too, DeBorah. And a chin rub to Sylvester.
    Having to get by on one’s own has many obstacles that most people never dream of.
    Be good to you.
    Hugs on the wing.

    1. I will always be good to Stephen first. In order to care for him I must make many sacrifices even to neglecting my own health. I have some health problems that should have been taken care of back in January but I must ignore the pain for now. I put myself in God’s hands. God is in control.

      1. We do what we have to do. I’m a “solo walker” too. Although the *walk* part is a metaphor. My agoraphobia prevents me going out walking. Even taking out the trash is a challenge.
        I’m just saying that I get it. Not having a support network (one that is present in the real world) is something most can’t fully imagine. More hugs.

      2. Thanks. At least having a job to go to gets me out of the house. Must work in order to support myself. Also while I’m working my job takes my mind off my personal problems. Going outside whether to work or for a Walk is my Salvation.

    1. Takes my mind off all the other problems that I have. I don’t deserve any rewards or accolades. My goal is to keep my head above water because there’s little or no support for caregivers. People think that we’re super human which is far from the truth. A hard difficult truth that most people don’t want to hear. Caregivers Needs are pretty much ignored until something really terrible happens.

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