Horrible Subway Train Accident


Horrible Train Accident on the L Train. Was on my way to work when a man tried to cross the tracks and the train hit him. For a while there was total silence.
Then the conductor came through to tell us that there was a guy under the train. After a while the car I was in began to fill up with smoke and a horrible smell. The conductor came by again to tell us that it was the smell of burning flesh. At that point I just wanted to get out.
We were moved to other cars. After a while the Police and the Fire Dept. came to evacuate us. It was one of the most terrible unsettle experiences I’ve ever had. I still can’t get that smell of burning flesh out of my nostrils or my memory. May the poor unfortunate guy Rest in Peace.
In these cases the MTA has to shut off the power so Emergency services can remove the guy’s body or what is left of him.
My Thanks to the New York City Police, the MTA and Fire Depts. who got us out from that underground hell!!  Kudos to my Fellow NYers who did not panic and followed the instructions of the MTA, the Police and the Fire Fighters.
I must say that I’m still shaken up and still trying to find a way to get to work.  People either kill themselves by jumping in front of the train or get killed all the time so I still must go to my job. Suicide by Subway. Very Common.
Anyway I’m getting ready to go back out to find a working train to take me to work. However given how I feel I’m gonna back off social media for a while.
I’m gonna close comments for this post because basically there is nothing anyone can say or do to make me feel better. As for the poor man. He’s dead. Thinking of taking a Posting Hiatus after this horrible/terrible incident.