Final Destination | Game Over


After that terrible train accident it’s gonna be a long time before I recover emotionally and mentally. Just being trapped underground. Smelling burning flesh.

I feel like a character in those Final Destination movies where the people think they’ve escaped death but the Grim Reaper catches up to them. Bad enough to contend with the rats both 2 legged and 4 legged. Deranged riders. Evil smells. Filth. Dirt.

Seeing homeless people who are badly in need of not only shelter but mental health services riding the subways has become a nightmare. Now every time I step onto the train to travel into the city I’m gonna be reliving that accident and wondering if I’ll make it to either home or work. The whole thing was so disturbing.

My Panic Attacks have returned and my Anxiety Levels are off the charts. Just when I thought I had conquered and that I would get better this set back happens. Now it will take weeks even months for my life to have some semblance of normalcy.

You never know when Fate will step in and say Game Over.

My prayers and thoughts go out to the MTA workers especially the Motor man and Conductor who were unable to stop the train before hitting the man. That’s a terrible thing to live with. Knowing you killed someone even though it was an accident.


Heroic Moments

A transit worker gently cradling a little boy and keeping the mother calm as we waited for rescue. The instructions of the Conductor who kept going back and forth letting us know what had happened and leading us to rescue and safety. The Transit worker who helped me cross a large gap as two of the subway cars had become unbuckled.
Also Again I can’t say this enough Hats off and a Military Salute to the NYPD and the New York Fire Dept for their care and assistance.
Thank you for saving our lives and getting us out from what could have been a worse disaster. Keep in mind that most Police Officers and Fire Fighters are good decent people who risk their lives to save others and who are there for us in all type of emergencies.
Please keep all MTA Transit Workers, the NYPD and the Fire Fighters in your prayers.
Last but not least I want to Thank My Fellow New Yorkers who remained calm and followed the directions of the MTA, Police and Fire Fighters. Despite that inner fear everyone worked together to help each other get to safe ground.