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I don’t make New Year’s resolutions and haven’t in years because I know I’m not going to keep them. Resolutions for me are not only a waste of time but an exercise in futility. 

Kinda like giving up stuff for Lent. It’s a nice thought but I know I don’t have the will to deny myself anything for 40 days. 

Sooner or later probably the former I’ll mess up defeating the purpose of the blank slate new year or Lent. 

Like many people change is forced upon me. Meaning I don’t change my habits until a drastic emergency. This in regards to my personal health and wellness. Last year 2016 was the first year I was not incarcerated in a hospital or a prisoner in an Emergency Room. 

In the case of caring for my brother Stephen I am meticulous. For him I plan in advance and prepare. I want life for him to be perfect. 

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    1. Yes. I have tried many lifestyle changes to improve my health. Back in 2014 I joined a gym and was gifted with 10 sessions with a Personal Trainer. This worked well until I snapped my right Knee! My body and mind are in constant disagreement over what I can and cannot do. However when the weather in New York is good and I have time I do walk. I call them Soulful Struts after the Grover Washington, Jr. song. I combine my two pleasures of walking exercise and taking photos of interesting New York scenes. With my creaky achy joints my gym days are over but I do enjoy walking and dancing.

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