And Now for the Good News!!!


Good Health News

Excellent Health Reports from My Mt. Sinai formerly Roosevelt Hospital Doctors who are the best in New York City!! Got Good News phone calls from both my GYN and regular MD. All my tests came back normal! I’m totally and completely healthy!! My general practitioner did say I do need to drink more water and cut back on starch & carbs. Other than that I’m in Great Shape!!


Stephen attended a “Paint with Friends” party on Feb. 26th. Here is his artwork. Autism is No obstacle to Stephen. He is very creative and ready to express his talents!! Stephen has also successfully tried his hand with photography!  I LOVE MY BROTHER STEPHEN PALMER!!



Stephen will be with me this weekend March 5th & 6th and we will take in a movie and visit local museums.  A great way to end my Chillaxin’ two week vacation!

I have always seen and viewed my brother Stephen in a positive light. For me Stephen is my personal Blessing and gift from God. All of us have some degree of disability.  Autism has been a Plus + for Stephen and me.  Despite naysayer doctors back in 1963 who advised my parents to put Stephen in an institution Mom & Dad ignored the medical profession and raised Stephen to be a contributing member of society. Stephen will be 55 years old on May 3rd and continues to break barriers and amaze me. I know our parents are smiling down from Heaven on us!!

Me and My brother Stephen December 1961








7 thoughts on “And Now for the Good News!!!

  1. Your ‘Good Health’ news is fantastic DeBorah, I’m so pleased for you.
    I’m also delighted at the closeness you and Stephen share . His artwork is truly colorful.
    May you have a wonderful weekend together,
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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