Get in Where you Fit in


Get in Where you Fit in………

A favorite expression of one of my co-workers who is in his 60s.  His saying came to mind as I was reading a Facebook post from a different co-worker who complains a lot about our job. We are all Museum Guards.  Admittedly nobody goes to College to become a low paid Museum Guard but like many Baby Boomers who were laid off in the financial crisis and recession of 2006, 2007, 2008……  We learned the hard way that most employers do not hire people over 50.  That is just the way it is. A difficult reality.

In our past lives we all had well paying fulfilling jobs but when you are faced with not being able to pay your bills or more importantly your rent you have to take what is available. Security is the one field that will hire over 50 people.  Even though I went for other jobs both inside and outside the museum where I felt my skills would be put to good use once again even with me being a Veteran, a College graduate and having years of experience nobody will promote or hire somebody whose work history dates back to the 1970s.  We 50+ folks are considered dinosaurs.

I understand my co-workers frustration because he is a talented illustrator but in order to survive in America often you must put aside your expectations and deal with current events. Do you want to eat?  Or starve?  Do you want to be evicted? Do you want your phone and utilities cut off?  Your answer is probably No. Therefore you must do jobs that you are overqualified for and other little or no mental stimulation.

When I first started working at the museum I was frustrated, angry and I felt I deserved better.  I felt I was owed something. Reality check. Life owes you nothing.  My past achievements mean nothing. Whatever experience, knowledge or wisdom you have to share is not valued in a society that is mesmerized by youth, gadgets, devices, & apps.

You’ve seen those headlines in major financial publications that run articles like 40 under 40 or 30 under 30.  You get the message.

And as my Aunts used to say, We are not spring chickens.  Silicon Valley/Alley is not looking for folks in my age group. Then again I’m not looking for them either.

I am grateful that I had good jobs back in 1980s, 1990s & early 2000s. I’m glad I served my country in the military. Yes of course it would be nice if I had a better job where I could make a greater contribution but like I said before or better yet look at the media, TV, Movies, Internet, etc…..   When was the last time you saw an actress over 40 in a leading romantic role or better yet one over 50. Rarely.  Made my point.  If the hiring manager or H.R. person is young enough to be your child you can be eloquent and erudite all you want but as soon as you leave the office your resume will go in the trash. This assuming you get an interview at all.

Once I made peace with my lot in life. Let go of my false expectations and concentrated on what I can get out of this job in terms of benefits, pension and healthcare my life became easier. The anger and frustration dissipated.  As I’ve learned from Buddhist teachings desire is a source of unhappiness.

My heart is with my gifted illustrator co-worker because I was once in his shoes. He is a nice guy and I know he is doing the best he can for himself and his wife.

After having gone through years of tears I can appreciate my Get in Where you Fit in approach to life. I also admire him because as many of us who are in our 50s & 60s know middle-aged often brings sickness, disease, illness and injury.  We have in common that our bodies are breaking down.  Physically we are not the same as we were during our 20s & 30s. Pills become a daily regimen and we see more of our various health care practitioners than we do our own families.  Yet Thankfully our minds are still strong and sharp.  Even though the workforce does not want or need us we can direct our skills, talents, gifts and abilities in other directions.

It is good to vent but continued ranting and raving will only increase your sadness and frustration. And eventually it will only add to your current health and medical woes. Let. It. Go.

Peace is Acceptance and Adjustment to what life throws at you or takes away.

The Least of These………..


I work as a Museum Security Guard. In order to live comfortably in New York City one needs an income of at least $75K to $80K.  As you can see Museum Security Guards are the last on the list. We are the most visible and in fact we are the face of every museum yet we make the least. Often we put our safety on the line. Yes guards have been attacked by visitors. Myself included and believe me it’s worse for the female guards. Though it’s not reported it happens. We are maligned, mistreated and pretty much taken for granted by the visiting public and sometimes the other departments. Nameless. Faceless. Until trouble or need arises. At times No appreciation.

Yet over 95% of museum security officers at my workplace have at least a Bachelors degree and often advanced degrees, many of us are multi-lingual, a good portion of us are artists in our own right. Yes. That’s right most of my colleagues are writers, painters, musicians, fashion designers, visual and literary artists. Talented and creative people.

Why do a job where you are often not respected?

Because we Love the Art. We are creative beings and working for a museum standing in those galleries day after day and sometimes night after night fuels our creativity even more. We feel we have something to contribute. Our reward comes from reuniting a lost child with his/her parents, a child, teen or even an adult’s eyes light up with knowledge as we not only direct them to a specific artwork but many times we are expected to have infinite intricate knowledge of various types of artworks on display and even those not on display, making sure that an ill/sick visitor receives the medical assistance they need in an emergency (And Believe Me when I say I’ve had visitors collapse, pass out, vomit, have convulsions and fall down stairs splitting their heads wide open bleeding profusely. I am not squeamish. Can’t be with my job.)  We are trained to deal with various types of emergencies.

Despite the low pay and being called everything but a Child of God I’m glad for the 9 years I’ve spent working as a museum guard. It has been a learning experience and I’ve even surprised myself with all the knowledge and information I’ve acquired over the years. A Few years ago just for fun I created curriculum courses on How to Read a Painting partially based on the talks I’ve heard given by the Docents (Unpaid Volunteers) and the many curatorial talks I’ve attended.  Being a museum guard can be boring and listening to the museum tours is a welcome distraction. Pretty much I came to memorized a good many of those talks verbatim. As far as I can tell the docents have a script from which they rarely deviate.  I’ve also had the opportunity to give impromptu talks about the artwork. Not only do I listen to the docent/curator talks I also make it my business to watch videos about art and read books on the subject.

Me writing this is not to malign or be critical of the other museum works. I know the Curators work their behinds off and deserve their high paying salaries as do the technicians, art handlers, etc…  My desire/wish is that Security be seen as an integral part of the museum team which we are since the museum galleries cannot open without security guards.  Also a Living Wage that does Not require working hours and hours of overtime would be nice.

Now I work the Night Shift so I rarely see visitors.  In addition to performing my Nightly Security duties I can spend quiet time reflecting on the various exhibitions since the galleries are empty and silent.

The next time you visit a museum especially one in my hometown of New York Thank that Museum Security Guard. You will bring Joy to their day. And by the way, DON’T TOUCH THE ART!!!


Museum Director: $233,398
Chief Operating Officer/Administrator: $150,100
Deputy Director: $142,994
Chief Curator/Director of Curatorial Affairs/Curator A: $123,725
Director of Development/Development A: $120,000
Chief Conservator/Conservator A: $107,832
Director of Information Systems/Chief Information Officer: $106,692
Director of Finance/Finance A: $103,000
Senior Curator/Curator of Special Collections Area/Curator B: $102,500
Director, Planned Giving/Institutional Giving: $95,000
Director of External Affairs: $94,500
Human Resources Director: $92,830
Senior Conservator/ Conservator B: $83,771
Curator of Exhibitions/Curator C: $81,017
Systems Manager/Technology Director/Director of New Media: $79,000
Director of Education/Curator of Education/Education A: $77,030
Facilities Director/Building Manager/Operations Manager: $75,400
Marketing Director: $74,375
Director of Finance/Finance B: $73,917
Associate Curator/Curator D: $69,340
Editor/Director of Publications: $68,688
Engineering Manager: $67,009
Exhibition Designer: $66,955
Head Librarian/ Librarian A: $64,272
Associate Conservator/ Conservator C: $61,165
Web Manager: $60,600
Public Relations Officer: $60,458
Grant Manager/Institutional Giving Manager/Development B: $60,416
Chief of Security: $60,416
Photographer: $58,915
Assistant Curator/Curator E: $58,052
Registrar A: $55,973
Associate Librarian/Librarian B: $55,703
Graphic Designer: $55,620
Special Events Manager: $54,368
Assistant to Director: $53,960
Chief Preparator/Preparator A: $53,077
Museum Store Manager: $53,000
Associate Registrar/Registrar B: $52,755
Development Associate/Development C: $52,020
Associate Educator/Educator B: $52,000
New Media Manager: $50,000
Associate Librarian/Librarian C: $49,728
Associate Preparator/Preparator B: $45,127
Volunteer Coordinator: $43,722
Assistant Educator/Educator C: $43,000
Assistant Registrar/Registrar C: $41,787
Curatorial Assistant: $40,000
Membership Assistant: $39,100
Education Assistant: $36,025

Museum Security Officer/Museum Security Guard: $31,213

Numbers from


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Furniture, Tables, Chairs, Sofa, etc.



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Furniture, Tables, Chairs, Sofa, etc.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Furniture, Tables, Chairs, Sofa, etc.

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge





Sense of Purpose


No Matter What Other People Think or Say About Me, God Loves Me with a Sense of Purpose.  The words of the enemy mean nothing to me only what God has to say about me. My writing and photography are my Passions and my Purpose.  My brother Stephen is often my Muse.


My Raison D’être

Habakkuk 2:2-3

New King James Version (NKJV)

The Just Live by Faith

2 Then the Lord answered me and said:

“Write the vision
And make it plain on tablets,
That he may run who reads it.
For the vision is yet for an appointed time;
But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie.
Though it tarries, wait for it;
Because it will surely come,
It will not tarry.

Third World – Sense of Purpose



Third World – Try Jah Love



Are Self-Exploding Beings inwardly Imploding?


Are the self-exploding inwardly imploding?

Not knowing that the seeds of their self-destruction reside quietly inwardly already taking root. Ready to root out fabricated dogmas.
Boston Bomb crushed avian souls flying towards Heaven. Chaos rules the lands. Demonic Fairytale stories being lit up global TV screens.
Carnage Couture is all the rage!!

Socialites debate levels of thinness while screaming crying babies suckle on long dried up teats.

Life continues on in glass castles unfazed by human suffering. Walking Stepford skinny chic walking decorations immobilized shields of Oil dollars. One piece of glittering jewelry could feed and house one thousand lost humanities. Let us trip the light fantasies weaving around hunger, blight and destruction all the while knowing it will never touch our gleaming manors. Golden parachutes always on hand.

Mankind marches on towards dinosaur extinction by our own hands. WinTourist DashKardian superficial fantasies supplicate the masses fill the empty plates providing empty calories while Rome burns. Politics, religion unreasonable fears of contamination. Moon-Skitters thrive on cell division.

Say Their Names!! Never allow their memories to fade!!

Our decision whether, how, & when to escape the matrix.

Are the Self-Exploding inwardly Imploding? Truth, Compassion, Understanding and Victory shall win out over evil, wickedness and animosity!!  For the sacred has now become filled with the filth of the profane. An Outhouse disguised under the mantle of being a Holy Temple.


Imran Qureshi
Imran Qureshi
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All Photos are the artwork of Imran Qureshi