Rest in Peace John Glenn




One thing that stood out to me in John Glenn’s obituary other than his NASA career was that he and his wife were married for 73 years!! Outstanding!! That is what I call a True Love bond! Wow!!

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Another aspect of John and Anna Glenn relationship was that I admired that his wife whom he affectionately called Annie stammered for many years yet he called her “His Girl” and the rock of their relationship and family life. John Glenn did not care that Annie stammered. Her disability had no bearing on his Love for her. He accepted her as is. Later through intensive therapy Annie Glenn did conquer her stammering along with support and encouragement from her Beloved husband.


Now a days it’s all about hook-ups and booty calls. A Woman has to look like a movie star actress, model with a perfect shape, flawless skin, hair and nails plus Never age. Then we wonder why our relationships don’t last. I’m not saying let yourself go downhill. Yes take care of yourself but marriage and any long term romantic relationship is more than a roll in the hay. What you’re looking for. What we are designed for as human beings cannot be found on Tinder, Grinder or any online dating website, your local bar, disco or club. Nor should you just treat your House of Worship as a social club. The Singles Ministry is supposed to be there to help you create a well rounded Life as a Single person not to just scout for Mr. or Ms. Right. It’s a good thing if you do meet your future spouse at church but God should be first.

Keep in mind that sooner or later you’ll have to get of out the bed and deal with that person as an individual not a sex object or somebody you can misuse, abuse then toss aside. What you do to others will come back to haunt you.

O’ for a Man. A Real Man! A True Man! Who will Love you with all your faults, flaws and Aging Body!! They just don’t make’em like that anymore!  More than just Lovers but True Life Partners!!

Proud to say my Dad Edward G. Palmer was such a Man. Forty Years together on earth and Now an Eternity together in Heaven!!

Mom & Dad


Yes I admire John and Annie Glenn because they both have the Right Stuff! R.I.P. ~~ John Glenn.



Godspeed Mr. Glenn!!  Now exploring Limitless Heavens!!