Stephen’s Photo-Collage Art Project

Stephen’s Photo-Collage Art Project

Stephen and I have been working on this project since March. It is ongoing as Stephen can only be with me either during my vacation or when I can get extra days away from work. For safety I cut out the images and Stephen strategically places them on the canvas. We are two Artists working together, channeling our mutual sibling creativity to provide more beauty in the world. I believe Stephen’s Autism gives him special talents and abilities which he expresses in his own unique way. I don’t really care too much for labels but I suppose Stephen’s creations can be put within the category of Folk Art or Outsider Art.

One day with God’s grace, guidance and providence I would like to bring more Art projects and programs to adults with Autism. I think society and the media has such a narrow view of individuals with Autism and my goal is to show them in a different light. I’ve already developed a photography program which I hope will be accepted by agencies that provide services for developmentally disabled adults.

I feel partnerships with small local neighborhood museums and art galleries would be more than willing to showcase artworks from adult developmentally disabled artists. So far I’ve not been able to get buy-in from the organizations that serve the developmentally/intellectually disabled communities but perhaps one day God will open doors for me and Stephen.  I have many hopes, dreams and goals but it looks like they will have to wait until I retire in summer 2018. In the meantime I will continue to encouragement, support and showcase my brother Stephen’s art.





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