Seed among Thorns

N – Utero — Seed Among Thorns

The Unborn

Milk leaking from too full breasts

Breasts Longing for a Babe gone before birth.

A cold stone in Place of a Son.

A shooting star dissolved into a million Universes. Icarus too close to the sun. Sunset before Sunrise.

Poisoned amniotic fluid your River Styx. Extremities bubbling in wastewater.

Rachel wept for Her children because they were naught.

He hexed my Womb. Did he? Who knows?

Didn’t want to be a D.V. Child.

My son will never be a Pinball Wizard.

Hijacked by the Spermazoid Svengali.

Charmer. Bon Vivant.

Your initial false luster did me in.

Your handsome face set with marks of confidence, flecks of intelligence liberally sprinkled with jutting arrogance. Your voice once mellow and melodious became a Raging Storm. Clacking. Cracking.

Uprooting thousand years old Forest. Paving it over with sharp jagged rocks that produced poisonous suffocating vines.

Enwombed embryo sensed futures forlorn.

Traded gray and grainy for silver and gold.

Seed among Thorns.

So twisted that if you Swallowed a nail you’d shit a corkscrew.

Ours was a household filled with Madness and Mayhem.

Anger and Pain.

Your Anger. My Pain.

*D.V. Domestic violence