Strutting with Big Mama Thornton

Strutting with Big Momma Thornton

Double Digit Deborah

This car which is near an auto body shop brought back memories. My Baby Boomers understand. When Stephen and I were little kids Our Dad had a white Chevy Impala with the wing tips.

2 thoughts on “Strutting with Big Mama Thornton

  1. How cool! The music, your steps and the car. I can’t be considered quite a babyboomer (born just a few years to late), but in my youth cars like this represented America. We (I’m in the Netherlands) had a national made car in those days, called DAF, wich was so small it could fit in one of the wings of that Chevy. Most of us drove a German Opel, a Beetle or a small French cookie tin nicknamed Ugly Duck. My dad didn’t get his own car till I was 8 or so. Before that he rode a moped. So yeah, we were jealous of you guys! One of the dearest song I know of the late Willy DeVille is ‘(my baby’s got) the Cadillac walk’. And I can see her walking, slowly bobbing like a loosely damped classic car. 🙂

    1. Yes the United States had gas guzzlers. However the Volkswagen Beetle was popular during the 1960s with young People. Certain types of cars Scream America especially from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.

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