Vinyl Verdict – The Name Game

Vinyl Verdict

The Name Game by Shirley Ellis

My first name Deborah is Hebrew for Queen Bee. My Middle Name Ann is Hebrew for Favor and Grace.

My last name Palmer means One Who has made a pilgrimage to the Holy land.

Have you ever researched or looked up the meaning of your First, Middle and Last names?

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4 thoughts on “Vinyl Verdict – The Name Game

  1. Wow! You have such a great name. Africans research into meanings of names before giving them to children. But some now give names of movie characters, neglecting their cultures.

    1. Dad gave me my first/last names and nd Mom my middle name. All my female cousins of my generation have the middle name of Ann.

      For African Americans we lost our African names on being kidnapped to this country and to the Caribbean. Early generations of Black Americans gave their children presidents names, family names or Biblical names. Those born in the 1970s and after often have either African or Arabic names.

      During the 1950s their was an actress named Deborah Kerr but I don’t think my Dad had her in mind. Actually he told me that he didn’t want me to have the previous female names passed down in our family but something different. However I believe God led my parents to choose my name and Stephen name. Both are Biblical characters. In Judges 4 and 5 Deborah is a Judge over Israel. The only Woman Judge recorded in the Bible. She is a Warrior who defeats her nation’s enemies.

      Having served in the military and taken on many battles over the last 40+ years the name Deborah has come to define me.

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