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A Favorite Son by Uvi Poznansky



Today I want to share one of my favorite authors Uvi Poznansky who breathes new life into the Biblical Old Testament characters and stories known and read by Jews and Christians worldwide.  You get the inner dialogue that resulted in their actions.  Uvi successfully renders the Bible stories on an every day human level that any one of any faith or religion can relate.

The people in the Old Testament really come to life with a touch of Uvi’s pen and imagination.  No longer dry, brittle assertions of do’s and don’ts, aka The Law but real flesh and blood humans with all the faults, flaws and frailties of earthly beings.  People who could be our family members, co-workers, school friends, neighbors or sitting next to us in Synagogue or Church.

Uvi gives psychological insight into the motives, whys, wherefores, emotions and feelings and inner turmoils facing the Bible Patriarchs and Matriarchs thus becoming a mirror for Modern Day people since times change but basic human desires don’t change.

Uvi’s book, “A Favorite Son” is the perfect companion piece to my previous blog post on the Frick Museum Special Exhibition Zurbaran’ Jacob and His 12 Sons.  I think that the both Uvi’s book and Zurbaran’s paintings dovetail quite nicely.


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Here are some links where you may read snippets of Uvi’s books and then purchase for your reading pleasure.




Here are some YouTube Channel Vlog Spots regarding Uvi’s books.  You will also have the opportunity to subscribe to Uvi Poznansky’s YouTube Channel.











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