Tuesday Photo Challenge: Respira, Respira, Respira


Tuesday Photo Challenge – Breathe

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Breathe

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Breathe


Respira….    Respira….     Respira…. 


Yoga Time with a Cute Chihuahua





Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Kind and Caring



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Kind and Caring

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Kind and Caring

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge

This week the topic is Kind and Caring I find taking photos of kind moments are fun to capture.  Let’s see how creative you can be on for this week’s challenge.  Have fun with this week’s challenge.

My brother Stephen who is the very definition of kindness and caring.  Stephen is the greatest and most Awesome Autism Guy in the world.  He has helped me in many ways and does his best to reach out to others in need including the homeless.  Stephen does not view his Autism as a disability but as a way to channel his generosity, kindness, caring and compassion to others in greater need.  He is always there to assist his friends who live with him at his Group Home Residence and at his Training Center.  Stephen is a Transformer as he transforms every life he touches.  My brother Stephen is Love in Action.  Stephen is more than my brother ~~ Stephen is my best friend.







Land of Pink Pilasters Turquoise Turrets and Pegasus Unicorns






Land of The Pink Pilasters Turquoise Turrets and Pegasus Unicorns


Mr. Peabody’s smarmy smile ended with a curl of the lips and an invitation to move onto The Land of Pink Pilasters Turquoise Turrets and Pegasus Unicorns and Tricked out Hearses.  


I felt a queasy uneasiness in my head and stomach but since I had signed up for this orientation tour I had no choice but to follow for if I turned around now not only would I be lost in this Chamber of Fun House Mirrors but I’d lose my opportunity to be certified as a Professional Soul Searcher.  Lord knows I need both Certification in order to quality as a Licensed Soul Searcher/Soul Seeker.


Once well trained in Soul Searching and Seeking the professional Soul Searcher is like the husbandman in the vineyard cultivating only the finest grapes to maintain the Lineage of Excellent Well crafted vintage.  There are souls and then There are Souls!!


Hanesberry-SeaTek Soul Manufacturing Corporation. Celestial to Terrestrial.  The Best of the Best!  HSSMC is the Artisanal of Soul Factories!

Dear God Please help me to keep up with Mr. Peabody as I’m running on vapors!






As I said before but Let me reiterate for clarification……..



Certain Soul requests deriving from magical mystical oral tales passed from generation to generation for them we require the services of the Pegasus Unicorn.  The majestic beasts although riderless are equipped with invisible saddle packet pockets on either side in which to place the mystic dinosaur eggs plucked directly from the Akashic Library.  The Akashic Library Records cover all cultures, countries, nations,  rites/rituals, traditions, tribes and spiritual belief systems.


Wayward Souls

Please refrain from uploading Wayward Souls to the place of animation.  DNA Activation cannot take place inside Hologram Chambers!





Certain specific specialized requests are more costly as they often entail an ending filled with tricked out hearses driven by teams of decked out Pegasus Unicorns.  We sometimes refer to them as Phantom Undertakers.

Soul transportation and transfiguration does not come cheap on any level or in any stage.  Hollywood, TV and movies stars plus sports figures take on mythical proportions that even death cannot seem to dispel.  In fact the longer they lay a moldering in the grave the more fanciful and larger gains of illusion and delusion.


There is Rhema life and Logos Life.  Rhema is the Celestial Realm of Wisdom.  Logos is the Earthly Realm of Knowledge.  The two must come together in unison in order for there to be a successful Soul Transference.  Rhema takes precedence as it quickens not only the mortal body but also the immortal soul and spirit.  Earthly can be as complex knowledge which humans absorb through education, schools, faith, cultural, traditions, all that which is passed down through society, family and belief or as basic as instinct or adaptations which rule the animal kingdom.  Not so far apart really.

Here Zazu you will learn the distinction.  As if to reinforce this point and drive it home into my already overloaded mind Mr. Peabody again stopped short and fixed his melodic deep set eyes on mine.  His orbs pressing his teachings deep within my cortex.  After what seemed like ages he once again began his rapid pace with me struggling to keep up.


There are no Ancestor cards for fairy tales, folk tales, mythic legends, beasts or Tales from the Corporate Imaginarium.  One’s soul is in a constant state of becoming.  Therefore we find ourselves creating an IntraBeing process to bring real life and fantasy life together as one being.  Selected Souls are Translated from the Imaginarium Celestial Kingdom into the human Earthly Kingdom.

The Imaginarium can be Whimsical or Nautical.  It is a tidal-wave of options, choices and limitless discoveries.


After what seemed like walking for miles we arrived at building which looked like it had been fairy bombed by pink glitter pom poms in a war between the Power Puff girls, Josie and the Pussy Cats along with My Little Pony ridden by angry destructive Goth Mermaids.  Yet still Very Queen Anne. Turrets. Check. Columns. Check.  Finials.  Check.  Gargoyles. Check.   Gargoyles?!

On the surface it appeared to be a Way-station for Wandering Wayward Souls.  The Damned.  Some doomed to wander the Land of Shadows for eternity awaiting an incarnation that would never take place.  For their souls were weighed and found wanting.


Ever had an experience that went awry?  As you kept at it thinking in your heart things would get better but realistically not.

As we approached the inner sanctum I could hear the glare of music.  Music not befitting a chapel, mausoleum or even as elevator music.  Chirpy Way too Chirpy…  We are about to get Hippy-Dippy!


Good Morning Starshine ~~  Oliver


 Redemption Among the Relics

Deep Within the Underbelly of the Palace of Pink Pilasters was a medieval castle that could have been easily built or destroyed by ancient invaders from another dynasty. A grand foyer flanked by two long hallways of Byzantine art leading into Medieval Sculpture Hall filled with statues of Madonnas, Saints, Catholic Mystics, Relics, and tombs from Egypt, Europe, Greece, Cyprus and South America. Each international tomb had a goddess from the respective ancient culture at the head and foot of the sarcophagus.

Venturing further into the castles subterranean chambers were overturned ossuaries, bones bleached white scattered throughout the tombs.





No Accolades here………… But There is a Transitional Period