The Delights of Zurbarán’s Jacob and His Twelve Sons, in NYC for the First Time


All the photos were downloaded from the article.  Being well aware of the policy when I went to see the exhibit my camera stayed in my pocket.

The security guards will ask you to put your camera/cell phone away and refrain from taking pictures or talking on the cell phone. Be polite and Obey Museum rules.

If you are serious about art you can take in the Excellence, beauty and wonder of this Magnificent special exhibition without the need to act like a crazed tourist.

Art is meant to be contemplated, felt, plus thought provoking. Even though it is tempting to want that photo resist the temptation and enjoy being in the moment.  I thoroughly enjoyed viewing this jaw dropping artwork and hope to go back again before the show ends.


The Frick Museum has a Strict


No Pictures Allowed!  If you want keepsakes or souvenirs buy from the Gift Shop!