I’m Now on Etsy!!



Ladies and Gentlemen, 

(Drum-roll Please!)

I’m Happy and Joyful to Announce that I’m now on Etsy as:



Surreal Deal Artworks




One of the offerings:  Glitter Boots Soulful Strut


New Artworks added Weekly!!


Please Feel Free to Share this Wonderful News with Your Family, Friends, Neighbors and Co-Workers!!


11 thoughts on “I’m Now on Etsy!!

  1. Great news, DeBorah! Is it pretty painless? I have wanted to open an etsy account, but didn’t know how it all worked with shipping and reviews…..laziness on my part. I think it’s wonderful you are doing this! Gonna take a look now.

    1. Actually I had established an account back in 2010 but never did anything with it. The process was fairly easy. I did and still make minor adjustments but still simple to set up. So far. So good.

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