The Evil Jester Coalition



The Evil Jester Coalition


Her Life consists of ramblings from One Psychosis to another

The Layout of the Caves leaves sounds greatly exaggerated

In the Caves I saw She who was without nose with bubs for fingers shoveling earth with scooped perdition.  Her looked into my questioning eyes spoke forth, “The Krocodyll ate my fingers and cut off me nose.  As she snorted, sniffed and shot up another dose. 

Frozen Dead stare out blankly from the casements as thick fog obscures, increasing the rift between reality and fantasy.  Embryos seemed to sprout from thin spaces of adjoining floor planks.

Figures on the Paddle-wheel encouraged us to sing and dance to pass the time.  Sparks flew out from street cars and trams attempting to ignite my swollen spirit.

The Grave is just a Bridge from Light to Light

We shall meet Midlands betwixt and beyond.  Her was an unknowing prisoner in that house for a long time. Returning to the home time and again.  It was a part of her distant past and daily present. The House was a gifted sanctuary to her brittle psyche. Within the burning hot coal city I was surrounded by icy cold rains, sleet and blizzards.

Oh for the Land of Fresh Cleaning Running Waters. Sunny Skies and Balmy Temperatures.  Where? Oh Where is My Paradise?  Alas Only in My Minds Eye.

Lost for Life ~~ Patterns for Mazes of No Escape |  Cyclic Wanderers


Murder on the Cusp of Entertainment

In his unspoken anger his white knuckles against her pure Ebony skin.  The Kill shot.  All part of their strange pale-skin Tribal customs. To choke the life out of wherever they landed. Leaving behind plundered Vesuvius. Merely witness to tragedy.  I closed my eyes and kept him moving. Further and further away. Hard Stop. Heart Stop.

 Enter into the House of Green Paper



To turn the earth into lands of shades.  Shadows walking to and fro yet never speaking to each other.  Sprinkles of birds. Anger within the codes.  These are the things that remain after Apostrophes.  Derailed trains careening into the wilderness powered by their own unique madness. Aztec lines leading to the Hinterlands.  Born wrong.


For I am Just a Glitch in the System.