Nomadic Dreams and Discourses



Giles and Niles Take On The Town


What is it to Occupy a Body that is not Your Own?


Oily rags on Fire


In My past life I must have been a suppressed Pyromaniac for whenever I smell smoke or see sparks and flames I get horny. My only desire is to merge with the intense inferno of whatever nearby flesh.


Fragments of explosives were distributed like Holy Relics

Monocle smeared with rancid body fat

The smell of putrid body odor pushed Convulsions up and out of my Center quickly bringing me to the surface of blessed relief.  Flotsam and Jetsam of  Orbiting lives coming together then separating

During his ramblings around the canvass stopping as he spied me. His eyes dissecting and classifying me as a new species of insect or bird


No nod of the head but his eyes moved up and down my person as though my body was an ancient scroll or flag being unfurled. We riff and reverberate off each others bones.  Licks and Riffs all night long.  Conviviality shared.  Towels and Cocktails all around.


No Galumphing around.  He had pride in his stride.

























My Mixed Media Photo Collage Masterpiece

Purchased an Easel Stand for my Artwork submission to the Union Art Show.

This is how I will display my Artwork. The name of this piece is Broadway Junction en Lacquer.



I’m in the process of working on another Mixed Media Photo Collage piece which I’ve named Glitter Glutch and Yes Glutch is a word.

Sneak Preview of Glitter Glutch

Not so much the Drip method with this one but rather a Swirl and Twirl Method

This artwork is still a work in progress.  Currently Unfinished