Crazy No Gravatar Vibes

Checked my Spam Folder and found these Gems!

WTF Moments and Things That Make You Go Hmmm..,…

LOL! Words in Italics are mine. Baby Boomers will understand the Cultural References.

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Honey Chile I also believe that little man Martians live inside Mushrooms and Toadstools! Really they are Condos for Gremlins, Leprechauns and Pixies! BTW Where you Smoking Shrooms? Stuck in an old Cheech and Chong movie? Did you Go on an LSD Trip back in the 60s or 70s and fail to return? Looks like it to me!

Listen for My Name



Listen For My Name


If I had Listened for my Name I would have heard the Sweet Silent Saint Speaking & Calling of Destiny beyond my Brittle Brain.  I am a series of abandoned places and misplaced faces turning, churning learning.

If I had Listened for My Name I would have escaped the Family Plot and Indecent Mausoleum that keeps my bones on ice.  Dust would not have gathered in splotches and griefs within crevasses of spirit and soul.

If I had Listened For My Name my world would burst forth, setting free oceans of galaxies. Seas of synchronicity.

If I had Listened For My Name I would not have signed away my hopes and dreams into obligations and duties.

I would not be a lost one looking for a home.  Sequoias and sand bid me entrance. Forest and Green Hills bid me Welcome.

That voice though unintelligible yet distinct was getting louder and more insistent on being heard.

I a Scavenger of Blues  spread stardust seeds from journey seeking the Traveler.  An impenetrable Limbo foggy and heavy misty prior to a storm.  So difficult that staying afloat feels like drowning. My views are behind a steel cage.

The Storm arrives to clear the air.

Muddled Dreams and Visions receive clarification when passing through hurricanes and tornadoes.

For I am Most Awake When Dreaming.


Life Beyond, Behind and Through Green Cauls


Copious amounts of letters, alphabets, symbols and gibes fell to the floor.  Some fell into gestures others were barely held together by periods, adjectives, commas, semi-colons, verbs and apostrophes.  Weak chain links that were often smashed into derpish grins.


My Muse sprinkled the fallens with Holy Water and Anointing Oil keeping rigor mortis from settling in.  Here and There Muse Traveler plants and picks, prunes and shears. Preparing the landscape.

Mystic + Muse Join Forces with the Traveler Leading the Way Home.

My Name is planted deeply within foraging for nourishment.  Perpetuating eternal root systems

Once again I must Pray my Unconscious into Being.


This prose poem inspired by My Ghana SiStar and Sister-Friend  Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia















The Creation of Glitter Glutch

Creation and Evolution of Glitter Glutch aka A Case of the Blues
Photography Mixed Media Collage.
Inspiration Jean-Michel Basquiat & Jackson Pollack
Jean-Michel Basquiat is one of my brother Stephen’s Favorite Artists

Roaming Urban Gypsy

The Creation of Glitter Glutch

A Case of the Blues

Makings of Glitter Glutch

Will you be Swallowed Up? Or will the Glutch Swallow You?

A Case of the Blues

Twirl and Swirl painting with nail polish, acrylic paints, stickers & found materials.  Mixed Media Masterpiece

Inspiration ~~ Artist/Painter ~~ Jackson Pollack and Jean-Michel Basquiat who is buried in Greenwood Cemetery located in Brooklyn, New York

The Swirl and Twirl or Drip Method is quite messy so I do my artwork mostly outside

My Materials

Broadway Junction en Lacquer

This is a Mixed Media Photo-Collage that I am Submitting to the Union Art Show taking place on March 11th.

Drip painting with nail polish. Inspiration ~~ Artist/Painter ~~ Jackson Pollack

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