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People Who Burn Brightly Die Quickly


Pain is a Living Creature penetrating every orifice

I was thrown out of the garden  while the Dead mock the Living

Harsh Faces ~~ Satin Souls

Somebody pass the Blood for the Unleavened Bread

Oh it was a Grand Funeral!  The hearse was covered with flowers yards deep that traffic stopped for crowded Internal rain drops

Bursting forth Waterfalls filled with limbs and fins

She was an untidy rambling garden slightly unhinged with the gate left open








Lena Horne “Stormy Weather”

Film Noir Brooklyn Style 


Film Noir Brooklyn Style 


1950s revisited in 2018


Foggy Misty Rainy Early Morning around 1:30 am Along Rockaway Avenue Between Fulton and Hull Streets


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Devil in a Blue Dress

Denzel Washington starred as Easy Rawlins which was originally based on a detective book by Walter Mosley




Cotton Comes to Harlem Official Trailer #1 – Raymond St. Jacques Movie (1970) HD