Will it Go Round in Circles?







Will it Go Round in Circles?


Billy Preston – Will It Go Round in Circles






11 thoughts on “Will it Go Round in Circles?

  1. At last!!!!:) Dancingpalmtrees I have at last found somewhere to write a comment! I have been met only with ‘comments are closed’ so far – so I’d better get in quick before you close this one.:) I know we’ve met before, the year before last I think/recall, but it’s so good to see you here again. Thanks a million for reading practically all of my blog – I feel so honoured and then the icing on the cake: 3 Follows!!! Bless you, take care and I will be back!

    1. Thanks. Glad to hear from you. I program my Comments to close after a period of time. Being that I have a wacky busy complex work schedule I don’t always have time to respond to the Comments and I don’t want to be rude. Hugs to you!

      1. Ah that makes sense! I read your post about ‘The Flag’, went away to digest with the full intention of leaving a comment, but when I came back it was closed. WordPress can take over your life sometimes, so it’s good to have some sort of schedule to work to. Hugs back! 🙂

      2. Actually I can write it here Deborah, even if it doesn’t actually appear on your post.:) I agreed wholeheartedly with all the points you made and I thought you made them very well. We need more ‘warriors’ like you to speak the truth about racism and how it impacted our ancestors and still does today and how much we need to lift that rug and sweep out all the stuff that’s been brushed under there …

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