Eight 8 Days a Week


Eight 8 Days a Week


With the dawn of September my Museum workplace is ramping up with new exhibits for the Fall and Winter Seasons. Summer vacations are over and it’s time to hit the ground running. This means lots of overtime for me, my buddies in Security, custodial and engineering. Most people never get to see how exhibits are put up and taken down. It is a lot of work by the curators, Design dept, Art handlers, Conservation Dept, plus the departments mentioned in the previous sentence. Not forgetting the Admissions people. I get to see how an exhibit is put together up close and personal. Often outside contractors come in to build walls for the start and tear down walls at the end of an exhibition.  Security and Custodial are often in the bowels of the museum buildings with Security Guards escorting artwork through various tunnels and freight elevators. You must have a good knowledge of the building. My friends in Custodial are responsible for cleaning the floors, bathrooms and galleries before and after special exhibitions.

Shitty Jobs You Take to Pay Your Bills when Your Dreams are stuck in the Pipeline

None of the aforementioned jobs are glamorous except for the Curators and Conservation because they get their Kudos and Thanks plus a much bigger paycheck than Security guards, Custodial or Admissions. I’ve been working as a Museum Security Guard for nine years and when I worked days not only did I have to put up with belligerent, racist, drunk, high trust fund babies and ignorant rich folks but as a Black Woman wearing a uniform in a position of authority there is that extra layer of racism, white people seem to think I’m either a drug dealer or a prostitute. And Yes I’ve been called everything but a Child of God.

Last year I changed to work evenings/nights but since there is a restaurant that stays open late occasionally I still have to deal with drunk and high wealthy entitled white men who think I’m up for grabs. There is more drug use in these rich neighborhoods than in my poor working class Brooklyn “hood.”  After all if you are a millionaire you can afford to get high and drunk every damn day.

Last week some dried up old prune face paleface guy told me that “We” were going to be on America’s Got Talent, that he got “Swag” NOT!!  Personally I utterly loathe and despise these “Limousine Liberals” who take on Black Lingo that certainly does not apply to them.  Only Black Men have Swag aka Swagger in my book and I’m only interested in Black Men! Don’t fool yourself Paleface. This guy was drunk. Smelled of nasty cigarettes and was obviously high as a kite. Leaning over my work area violating my space. I was glad when he left. Ugh!

As Tonto Said to the Lone Ranger, “What do you mean We White man.”  Trust me there is No we in the equation and never will be. So Let’s cut that Condescending We Bullshit.



She Works Hard for the Money

Don’t Allow other people to prophesy over you. Sometimes people are jealous or they aren’t thinking straight. I have in mind certain specific co-workers who have that “The Sky is Falling” mindset. Despite my struggles, troubles and challenges my ultimate goal is to retire. I might vent a little but I know I must keep my Eyes on the Prize. I’m willing to sacrifice to get to that point so I ignore those who rant and rave. In two years I will be 60 years old and I’m ready to move onto Phase Three of my Life. So Bring on the extra days and Double Shifts!


Many times I feel like the Ladies in the Video.