Good News! Hot off the Press! The Daily Press!



Good News! Hot off the Press! The Daily Press!

Hot off the Press!! The Daily Press a Coffee Shop across the street from me has offered to showcase some of my photographs!! Will let you know further developments!! Booyah!

Once my photographs are on their walls I will take pictures and put them on my Photography Blog ~~ Roaming Urban Gypsy  ~~



My brother Stephen enjoying breakfast at The Daily Press March 2017.














Watch “Sisters and Soulmates” on YouTube


My number one goal in life is to be a good sister to Stephen. 

My brother Stephen is my Soul mate. Every time we are together or when I speak to Stephen over the phone I tell him I Love him.  

Stephen Palmer I promise that as long as God gives me strength I will Never Leave your side. We are Life Partners.  Like the Sisters in the video we are totally Devoted to each other.



My Left Foot

My Left Foot

(No this is not a review or commentary on the Daniel Day Lewis movie of a few years ago)

My Left foot has been giving me pain for the last two weeks. Throbbing achy pain that had me limping by the end of my work day. The pain was so intense that I actually had to call out sick for two days. I’m very Grateful and Thankful for Advil PM.

Finally today I decided to get a pedicure. Soaking my feet in the warm water and getting them massaged helped a great deal. It is the instep and heel that hurt the most. Soothing warm waters. Ahh………


Also Treated myself to Eye brow and Lip wax so I don’t look like the artist Frida Kahlo! LOL!  The Uni-brow is not a good look on me! LOL!!

My Manic Panic Fuschia Shock Hair Color went over so well at work that I will keep this color for a while.


Will return to my job on Sunday. Ready and Prepared.

Arts Programs for Adults with Autism


Today’s Forgiving Fridays: A Fun 7 Days of Forgiveness!

The Finished Art piece which now adorns the Living Room.

One of my Future Dreams and Goals is to create more Nature Trail/Town Talks featuring me and my Awesome Autism brother Stephen. My brother Stephen inspires and uplifts me plus Stephen enjoys being out in Mother Nature as much if not more than I do. Hopefully one day I would Love to create some sort of Arts program for Adults with Autism especially since government cutbacks and lack of funding have eliminated the art programs at Stephen’s Day Treatment Center/School. Last month Stephen and I (mostly Stephen) created a magnificent photo/picture collage. It was outstanding and I hope to enter the collage in a local arts program/museum. My feeling is that developmentally disabled adults have a lot to give, share and are extremely creative and talented if given the opportunity. I’ve even been trying to encourage my friends who are art teachers and their fellow educators to volunteer time to AABR for the clients/consumers who attend daily.

Here is the video.

Here is where I sing the song the “Impossible Dream” from Man of LaMancha.”  When I was in the 3rd and 4th grades we used to sing this song during Wednesday morning Assembly. That was back in the 1960s and most art and music programs have also been eliminated from NYC public schools also. This is a sad trend. As Americans we need to invest more in our public schools and in programs and services for Developmentally Disabled Adults. 

Hopefully I will be able to convince some museums, art galleries/studios, Private Art Programs to provide funding. I will let you know if I accomplish this goal.



I Like the Frank Sinatra version better because he is a much better singer. Plus I am a Frank Sinatra Fan.

Frank Sinatra – The Impossible dream (with lyrics)


Stephen the Artist at work in my Brooklyn home.


The Finished Art piece which now adorns the Living Room.

This is a modified form of the request that I sent to my friends, family and Museum Co-workers on Facebook.  Since this mostly applies to the State and City of New York it makes sense for me to share it on Facebook to get the best outreach possible.


As most of you already know I have a brother Stephen who has Autism. Sadly the State government has cut funding to Arts programs at his Day Treatment Center AABR located in Jamaica, Queens. With cutbacks the arts program along with the Art teacher were eliminated.

I am asking those of you who are Art Teachers/Art Instructors if you can Please donate/volunteer some of your time to work with Developmentally Disabled Adults at AABR located at Wellington Hall 161-06 89th Avenue, Jamaica, Queens, NY 11432. Phone number is 718-262-9200. Contact person is Michele Danowitz.


The Finished Art piece which now adorns the Living Room.












Mirrored Objects are Closer than They Appear



Mirrored Objects are Closer than They Appear


Welcome to Floozy Fridays at the Asylum


Stay Tuned for the next Meat Grinder Edition


When the smoke clears the Conflagration will arise

She an Elliptical Orbit floating on Clouds

Enter the Meat Grinder

Play me some Sleep Dance music an Ode to the Great Cathedral Mausoleum

Building those Great Cathedrals in the Sky


Red Lips. Cloudy Eyes.


Watch the Closing Doors

Shouting Out the Kewl Breeze Shysty fiesty One

Two pages stuck together with Lust Juice

Hairy Arms and Bare Legs Tussle

And Then a relaxation of bed covers

All is Finished. All is silent except silent snores piercing blustery night breezes

Whilst TaiQuai watched him sputter and gasp his way into eternity. Her sardonic smile belied the Trickster Elixir that sent him into permanent exile. Away from his many serial wives he wooed and lost.


Max Headroom, The Best Bits Ever!

Chuckle berries are being served up now


Sprocket Rocket