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Aug 13, 2017



Growing up in the 1960s when we wanted popcorn Mom would bring out the Jiffy Pop, place it on the stove top and rotate it as the kernels popped into delicious fluffiness. There were no microwaves back then and even if they did exist we could not afford one. Mom did almost everything the old fashioned way.

As I was looking for images of Jiffy Pop Popcorn I was surprised to see that it is still sold. Brings back memories of simpler and happier times for Stephen and me.


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19 thoughts on “Jiffy Pop Popcorn

    1. Stephen and I Loved Jiffy Pop. I’d be practically right on top of Mom while she was preparing our delicious snack. As I got older I was allowed to rotate and shake the Jiffy Pop so all the kernels would pop evenly. Such wonderful happy childhood memories. 🙂 😀

    1. Jiffy Pop Popcorn is still sold online and at WalMart. I only eat Microwave popcorn when one of my co-workers pop it at work or I just buy a bag of popcorn at the local bodega. Now a days I try to stay away from salty snacks as I have high blood pressure.

      1. I need to order some then . I mostly use a lot of cayenne pepper on my popcorn . I like the spicy element . I am not really a salt lover . My mum and dad have high blood pressure . Mine was through the roof when i was pregnant .I think I am more of a sweet lover but gotta watch out for diabetes .Sighs

  1. I cannot stand the smell of popcorn (or the taste!) so the joke at work is ‘wait until Lois leaves for lunch before your microwave any popcorn.’ 😀

      1. Flowers, butterflies and hummingbirds bring happiness and joy in this crazy world. Glad I’m able to spread smiles, happiness and joy through my photos. Have a Blessed week. Meows from Sylvester.

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