Destiny Inhabits the Soul





Let me take you on a Phonetic Poetic Photo journey via pictures and Verse.

Black is not something I do. It is who I am.

It is the place I inhabit and that which inhabits me.

Black is the space where ancestral spirits find place within my soul. It’s music inhabits my every thought and deed. From Be-Bop to Hip-Hop it’s all there never to be displaced no matter my current accommodations.

Calling me Journey. Sojourning for Truth.  Ain’t I a Woman strong and fierce.

Calling me Traveler for I have inhabited many shores. I strode forth without ever leaving my home.

Home is the place that inhabits me. Every cut corner ragged edge begs to be filled. Silence inhabits uncharted symphonies of mindless cacophonies. Symphonic Blasts inhabit the Universe.

Museum paintings and sculptures inhabit three planes: Past, Present and Future. Transformation begins via viewers lending voices to long forgotten pasts. Silent Interiors speak Volumes but only the selected of the masses can hear its voice.

The butterfly leaps from Chrysalis thrust into Arboreal fields. In tune with Eternal Firefly beings.

Street Urban Art Inhabits dreary dry brutalist streetscapes revamping the atmosphere paying Silent Verbal Homage to fallen heroes kept from whited sepulchral one-sided gallery spaces.

The past inhabits the future while dullards look askance on those not like them. The past inhabits the present whilst clinging to a more hopeful future.

Past and current inhabitants on a collision course with destiny. Destiny inhabits the storm.

The Great Soul inhabits All Souls at birth yet flees from the wicked. Let Grace Abound.

Yes We Inhabit a strange land mystically inhabiting three spheres. Counterclockwise orbits inhabiting galaxies.




A Love Supreme in Search of Me.




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Jiffy Pop Popcorn

The Daily Post

Aug 13, 2017



Growing up in the 1960s when we wanted popcorn Mom would bring out the Jiffy Pop, place it on the stove top and rotate it as the kernels popped into delicious fluffiness. There were no microwaves back then and even if they did exist we could not afford one. Mom did almost everything the old fashioned way.

As I was looking for images of Jiffy Pop Popcorn I was surprised to see that it is still sold. Brings back memories of simpler and happier times for Stephen and me.


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I hear a Symphony


Today’s Forgiving Fridays: Results of My 7 Day “Quiet My Mind” Retreat!

Everywhere I go I hear a Magical Mystical Musical City Symphony

I hear a Symphony

The Daily Post

Aug 3, 2017



The Apollo Theater
The Apollo Theater








The Supremes- I Hear A Symphony