Stephen Palmer Rockin’ Out to Robert Palmer


Stephen Palmer Rockin’ Out to Robert Palmer

The Super Sibs are together for the Weekend!

Sorry for the Darkness of the Video. We are inside the house and the sun has gone down.  I apologize for my terrible singing!

Tomorrow we will take some outdoor photos.







15 thoughts on “Stephen Palmer Rockin’ Out to Robert Palmer

    1. Stephen Loves music, dance and parties. I have seen him do some more elaborate dances. He’s got some moves. Little bit chill because of the heat and there is no AC downstairs but we still have fun. Now off to bed.

      1. Thank you! Stephen is such a wonderful brother! I feel so Blessed that he is in my Life! I’m so very Glad that God chose Stephen to be my brother and chose me to be his Sister. Stephen is pure joy to be around. We have fun whenever we are together.

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