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I know not everyone gets a chance to look at my photo blog Roaming Urban Gypsy so here are some Moo-ving photos!! LOL!! NYC was a real Cow Town back in 2000. These mooving photos are from the Cows on Parade exhibit in the year 2000.

Roaming Urban Gypsy

Wordless Wednesday

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  1. I was just thinking about something I read on your blog about yourself.. How you do security in a museum. I always wanted to do security in a museum. It must be really interesting besides the horrible coworkers.

    1. Most of my co-workers are very nice, good hardworking people. I don’t want to give the wrong impression. I’ve made some friends. It is only a few that are total stupid idiots. I Love the art and in the nine years I’ve worked at the museum I’ve learned much about different types of art, met many lovely people and seen quite a few famous people. Being a museum security guard can be rewarding yet challenging. You spend much of your time giving directions and saying, “Don’t touch!!” Yes grown people. Adults. Do touch the art. Humans are adverse to rules. However it is a large building and museums just like other public and private places have rules and regulations. I’ve had good and bad experiences with the visiting public. I’ve been called everything but a child of God including a nigger, propositioned for sex even though my uniform covers me from the neck down and asked if I was a drug dealer!! You must have a thick skin, be diplomatic and know when to call for help when visitors become too belligerent or try to touch you!! I cannot sugar coat that part!! It can be a dangerous job for not much money. Last year I had enough and transferred to the late shift. Now I don’t have as much interaction with the public, less insults and racists remarks. Since I’m in the building after hours I get to see the art up close and personal without idiots.

      1. I definitely can understand what goes on in the security fields. I’ve worked at various colleges, airports, shelters, big Corporation buildings and gated communities. Security is definitely not an easy job. You are verbally abused some times for the lack of respect of security. I’ve been called a rent-a-cop. However I still enjoy security. Like you said there are some perks about working in that field. You do come across a lot of nice people. So I definitely understand having done security for as long as I have done. Oh and just to let you know, I would be one of those adults that would be touching the art in the museum… Lol

      2. No Touching!! LOL!! 🙂 😀 There are many highlights to working in a museum. I’ve had the pleasure of reuniting lost kids with their parents, giving little impromptu talks about the artwork, assisting students, the elderly and disabled. When I retire in 2 years or less I would still want to work in a museum perhaps as a Paid Tour Guide. Docents are unpaid volunteers. Even though I was an English Major in College and always appreciated art I’ve developed a deeper appreciation of art from all cultures. Most museums tend to push, display and showcase European art but naturally being African-American I actively seek out African, African-American and Native American art and artists. Another one of the perks and benefits is that my Museum ID gets me into ALL other New York museums for FREE!!! FREE!! Oh did I say FREE!! Have not had the opportunity to yet visit museums out of state or out of the USA but will let you know if my Museum ID will get me in for Free or at least a discount. Heck at my age I can use my AARP card!! LOL!! Ha! Ha!! 🙂 😀

      3. Sounds great…. Maybe one day I will apply for a security job at a museum. That way because I’m an artist maybe I also can get my work display there… Wishful thinking… Yes you are very lucky to be able to be around all that beautiful art…

      4. Go for it! You never know! My museum does have an Employee Art Show every 2 years or so however only employees and their guests get to see the artwork!! However most of the security dept are Artists which gives them a built in community as to how to put on their own community art shows which can be announced in our Museum Newsletter. There are many, many talented and gifted artists, musicians, writers and photographers at my workplace. Now that is one of the best perks because being around talented people keeps me motivated!!

      5. You just gave me excellent news.. You gave me more hope.. Yes it is very inspiring to be around very talented people.. I’m trying to socialize with more artists now these days…

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