13 thoughts on “Watch “Cats Waits For The Mailman | Cats Getting Mail Compilation” on YouTube

    1. It was funny. Had me cracking up. From the time I was a little girl I’ve always lived in homes or apartments that had outside mailboxes so I never had the joy of my pets either attacking or retrieving the mail. The video was hilarious.

    1. Yes my Alter Ego is as the Nubian Ninja righting wrongs and fighting injustice everywhere. I am unexpected Karma bringing to bear the power of justice against evildoers!! Bah! Ha! Ha! Ha!!!

      1. I’ve had to assume my Nubian Ninja role to put Internet (WordPress & Facebook) trolls, stalkers, flamers, and other sewer scum who have tried to attack me, felt my wrath and ran with their tales/tails between there legs. BAM!! POW! Shazam!!

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