Share Your World – March 27, 2017

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Share Your World – March 27, 2017

Share Your World – March 27, 2017

Does your first or middle name have any significance (or were you named after another family member)?

DeBorah is a Biblical name taken from the book of Judges chapters 4 & 5. DeBorah was a Judge over Israel prior to the appointment of kings.

DeBorah is a Hebrew name meaning Queen Bee.

I found this funny humorous definition at the Urban Dictionary. I agree with everything except the “men want me” part. So far no Prince Charming has come along for me in my 58 years of living!! LOL!!  🙂    😀  

Hebrew spelling. Also means The Bee and to speak eloquently Deborah’s are usually sophisticated, witty, intelligent with a great sense of humour. Other women are usually jealous of Deborah’s and men want her.
Woah… I met this fantastic woman in this classy art gallery on the weekend her name must be ‘Deborah’
As for my middle name Ann my Mom and her sisters all agreed that any girl children they had would all have the middle name Ann therefore all my female maternal cousins have Ann as their middle name.

Music or silence while working?

When I worked in an office I had a small radio in my cubicle. We were allowed to listen to our music as long as we kept it low. I enjoy music as it uplifts the spirit and makes the day go by faster. Now I work in a Museum which has a restaurant on the lower level so whatever they have on their computer playlist is what I’m compelled to listen to!! No choice!! LOL!!

If you had a special place for your three most special possessions (not including photos, electronics, people or animals), what would they be?

I suppose a Safe Deposit Box. I used to have one and those places are really secure. I remember being accompanied by a bank employee and going through several heavy duty chamber doors that reminded me of the beginning sequence of the old time TV Show Get Smart!!  One of my favorite Old School TV Shows. LOL!!  For you young folks here is the Get Smart theme:


The Never List: What are things you know you never will do?

Bungee Jumping and Hang Gliding!! To tell the truth any Extreme sport. I’m now at the age where I prefer staying safe and secure with my feet solidly on the ground! Also I’m deathly afraid of heights!!

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

Had a health consultation with a Holistic Healer. I accepted her invitation to live a more healthy and productive lifestyle and God willing I plan to join her group focusing on holistic and organic ways to improve health.

She focuses mostly on Women of African descent but only because Black Americans have high rates of high blood pressure and diabetes. Cancer is also a plague in the African-American community. Ladies of any color or race can join in. Yes I have high blood pressure and I’ve been told by my doctor that my sugar numbers are going up every years so I might get diabetes. Hopefully I can prevent this and not die an early death like my parents. Also if I can get rid of the arthritis without taking all types of horrible pills I’m down with the holistic natural game plan.

Another high note was I stepped up my Vitamin infusion health plan by adding CoQ10+ to my regimen. I have been taking the B 12 shots since last year. I only fell off in Jan. & Feb. because I had several meetings to attend for my brother Stephen. Got back on the Vitamin Infusion wagon early March.  The Vitamin injections do help but like any health strategy you must be consistent.


As for the upcoming week I’m looking forward to entering and celebrating the month of April and praying that old man winter will finally release his grip on New York.


Photo from Cee Neuner



19 thoughts on “Share Your World – March 27, 2017

    1. Thank you! Both my brother Stephen and I have prophetic names. Thanks go out to our parents for gifting us with destiny.

      From the Greek name Στεφανος (Stephanos) meaning “crown”, more precisely “that which surrounds”. Saint Stephen was a deacon who was stoned to death, as told in Acts in the New Testament. He is regarded as the first Christian martyr. Due to him, the name became common in the Christian world.

  1. You sound like you are active and busy with your life. I didn’t realize that Mel Brooks did the Get Smart show. Chances are I wouldn’t hang glide either. Although I’m slightly more interested in that than I am in bungee jumping. 😀

  2. I found you via Cee’s questions and am glad that I did. I love the information on Deborah, but cannot think of a single woman who I know with that name. I’d forgotten all about the opening of Get Smart, a TV show like no other. Now I suppose I’ll be humming the theme song all day– or trying to make a phone call with the bottom of my shoe. 🙂

  3. I always liked the “Get Smart” show! I’ve known several people with the name of Deborah, though they didn’t capitalize the B. I like how you do that, and it is a wonderful name and meaning. Have you always gone by DeBorah, or were you a Deb, or Debbie? I tried Barbie a few times, but it didn’t suit me at all! haha

    1. My parents pronounced my name as two syllables but later when I got out of the Army I changed it to three syllables.
      I hate the name Debbie as it reminds me of those horrible snack cakes.
      Deborah is more sophisticated and suits my temperament.

  4. I love the meaning of Deborah, and the strength of the woman portrayed in the Bible.

    I’m interested to hear that the vitamin injections do help. I’ve struggled with blood sugar levels, too. What helped for me is ruthlessly culling sugar and simple carbs from my diet. I’ve tried to learn to love vegetables. Have you noticed that no matter what the special diet is, they all include veggies? I’ve even learned cabbage marinades (watch out for sugar in those, though–you’ll probably have to make your own).

    Best of luck with the health challenges, and may strength and vigor return to you.

    1. Yes the vitamins do help but most of my problems have to do with my brutal work schedule. I work as a nighttime museum security guard therefore I’m awake when most people are asleep. Plus one cannot live on the base salary therefore I must pull double shifts. For example I went to work Wednesday did a double shift came home, got a call that my brother Stephen who has Autism has an infection for which he is being treated, naturally I worry. Then off to work for Thursday, get home around 2:00 am which means I did not sleep for 48 hours straight. I crashed around 3 am and just got up an hour ago at 12 noon. My work schedule is brutal so no matter how many vegetables I eat it would not help me as I do no get adequate rest. Also most veggies give me gas. Nor do I like cabbage. If forced to eat it I will but I find cabbage disgusting. I have digestive problems and there are many foods my system cannot digest without extreme gas and pain.

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