Tuesday:) Tavern Talks, Forgiveness and Reconciliation

This is the best explanation of Forgiveness that I’ve heard so far. Personally I don’t I’ll ever be able to forgive my paternal cousins for their abuse of me, my mother or my brother. And that’s Okay. I don’t have to. They are evil toxic people and the best decision I made was to stay away from them.

Toni Andrukaitis

“Forgiving is not easy when you’re still hurting.”― Ann Marie Aguilar


Yesterday was the first Tavern Talk with Father Don. I noticed in the Saint Gabriel Sunday bulletin that Father would be at Delaney’s Irish Pub Monday night to talk about Reconciliation and forgiveness. No one was sure how many people would attend, and it was jam packed standing room only. How great!

Father Don explained the importance of Reconciliation, which us old Catholics still call Confession. It’s one of the sacraments that is often neglected, mostly because most people find it difficult to admit their faults and sins. But, the old adage, confession is good for the soul, does have its merit, especially during this Lenten season. There’s definitely something powerful about admitting your faults out loud, and more importantly, asking for forgiveness.

After the presentation, Father opened up the forum for questions. There were some funny ones…

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