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Like many people when I was younger I took good health for granted. When I was in the US Army I could easily run 2 to 6 miles every morning at 6 am, I did those marches that extended for miles while wearing a 50 lb backpack/rucksack and jump boots. In my teens and 20s I was in peak physical condition. I was still going strong in my 30s at that point the only thing I had to worry about was my adult acne but make-up and visits to the dermatologist plus turning 40 cleared up my skin.

At age 36 after my Dad passed away I was motivated to go back to college and finish. During the course of attending Marymount Manhattan College my Mom lost her battle with cancer but I pressed on. I still had the family support system of my maternal and paternal aunts to encourage me. Physically I was strong as at the time I was going to school I held a full-time job and went to school at nights and on the weekends. My 40s was a decade of accomplishments.

Then BAM!!  Along came the financial crisis and in December 2006 I lost my good job and in due time my health benefits. Fortunately through prayer and constantly reading the New York Times Classified ads I obtained a job as a museum security guard. The money is half what I made prior to that but it was a Union job with benefits. By then I was in my late 40s catching up to 50 and I had been wearing glasses since the age of 26 but I began to notice I was experiencing double vision and other problems with my left eye however as I had no health insurance in late 2007 I had to ignore the problem. Things all came to a head in November 2008 after having a headache and complete loss of vision on the left side of my head. Mind you I’m stubborn. I don’t like doctors or hospitals. However the pain became too much to bear so I told my supervisor and I was rushed to Roosevelt Hospital. At age 49 I had a minor stroke. By the time Jan. 2010 rolled around my vision had gotten so bad that I underwent retina surgery.

Between 2008 and 2015 I was hospitalized numerous times for various ailments. My last hospital experience in 2015 at Kings County Hospital was so horrible and traumatic that I vowed never to return. If you look up Kings County Hospital and patient abuse you’ll get an idea of what I went through. The experience was so terrifying that I still cannot talk or write about it to this day.  I made good on my vow and did not go to any hospital at all in 2016. A minor Victory!! Changes had to be made.

As I’ve gotten older I notice that I’ve begun to have difficulty climbing stairs and I’m totally winded after one flight. That’s another reason I leave early for work because I cannot compete with the students and young people running up and down the subway steps nearly knocking me over. I get off the train, step to the side and let them have at it. I don’t have the stamina I had as a young woman.  This is a sign that I will be moving out of New York City when I retire. The other sign are the rising rents. Sorry but I cannot pay over $1000 per month for rent. The weather is another factor as cold weather is not good for sore achy joints. There are times when I cannot get out of bed. So that means it is time to move on to someplace warmer and friendlier.

Spoke with an Army buddy who lives in Georgia with her husband who has volunteered to help me settle down there once I retire. At least when I move there I will have a support system. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts I am estranged from what few family members I have in New York and they’ve labeled me an outcast persona non grata. Hopefully Stephen will be able to come with me or I will just visit him during the spring and summer months.

Healthy Living Moves

Had a health consultation with a Holistic Healer. I accepted her invitation to live a more healthy and productive lifestyle and God willing I plan to join her group focusing on holistic and organic ways to improve health.

She focuses mostly on Women of African descent but only because Black Americans have high rates of high blood pressure and diabetes. Cancer is also a plague in the African-American community. Ladies of any color or race can join in. Yes I have high blood pressure and I’ve been told by my doctor that my sugar numbers are going up every years so I might get diabetes. Hopefully I can prevent this and not die an early death like my parents. Also if I can get rid of the arthritis without taking all types of horrible pills I’m down with the holistic natural game plan.

Another high note was I stepped up my Vitamin infusion health plan by adding CoQ10+ to my regimen. I have been taking the B 12 shots since last year. I only fell off in Jan. & Feb. because I had several meetings to attend for my brother Stephen. Got back on the Vitamin Infusion wagon early March.  The Vitamin injections do help but like any health strategy you must be consistent.


I’m going to follow this gentleman’s advice. This is the only way that my body will begin to heal. Mr. Infinite Waters is correct.






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  1. I admit you have such interesting, powerful and relevant topics, which we need them. Today, my sister was reading your post, very touching.

    1. Thank you so very much!! I’m proud to have you as a follower/subscriber and most of all as a Supporter. I’m always glad to hear from you and I Love your Music Videos on YouTube! May God continue to richly Bless you and your entire family!!

  2. You have to take care of you first, DeBorah. The Holistic Healer sounds wonderful. I am down here in Florida (I am a New Jersey transplant) and I can tell you the ‘winter’ is so darn doable. Georgia will be a great, but different, change from New York. Much as NJ will always be my home, I could never go back there. Keep healthy and then retire in the South–an excellent plan.

    1. Yes. Leaving New York is the best answer even though I was born and raised here. Finding a way to see my brother Stephen will be the hard part. I hate to be separated from him.

  3. You’ve got some life-story! I think you should sell the film rights.
    But , seriously, your writing is both passionate and moving.
    All I can do is wish you and your brother all the very best in your futures. I’ve recently started going to church. You’ll be in my prayers. 😊

    1. Since I moved to Brooklyn in 2012 I have not found a church home however I will be in church service for Palm Sunday and Easter. Perhaps Good Friday also.

      Here’s my new favorite Gospel song.

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