Circus ~~ Sideshow Freaks


After having a Fantabulous Memorial Day weekend with my brother, seeing Dance Africa at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and lunching with my girlfriend today my wondrous long weekend comes to an end and tomorrow I shall once again be thrust into that Circus Sideshow called Work.

The Blue Magic Song Sideshow also is an apt description of my Love Life or rather Lack thereof.  Romance for me just means a series of broken hearts. Mine. So I have retired from that Merry-Go-Round.


Blue Magic — Sideshow


Freaks(1932) – Gooble Gobble! One of Us!


I’m a Freak but we all know the Freaks come out at Night!!

Whodini – Freaks come out at Night (original)


Rick James ~~ Super Freak


5 thoughts on “Circus ~~ Sideshow Freaks

    1. Here is another favorite that I did not add. I saw Rick James in concert performing in Munich!! Let’s just say, Got High with a Little Help from my Friends!! LOL! I really was crazy freaky back in the day!!

      Rick James – Super Freak

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