Sister Friend Gratitude Prayer

Sent this prayer praise message out to both my Close Sister Friend. One is Muslim. The other Buddhist. Both Outstanding, kind, compassionate, honest, hard working, caring, wonderful ladies. 

I Love them both. 

Here’s the Prayer of Thanksgiving! 

Father God I Thank you in Jesus name for my precious Sister Friend. Not only is she Blessed but she is also a Blessing to every life she touches especially mine.

I remain forever grateful that you caused our paths to cross. I am a Better Woman because of my Sister Friend wisdom, knowledge, kindness, compassion and understanding. She is an Angel in my life. 

Thank you! 

16 thoughts on “Sister Friend Gratitude Prayer

    1. Thanks! I refuse to buy into the hate that has taken over America where Christians are supposed to hate people of other religions. I have friends who are Hindu, Buddhist & Muslim and I’m sticking by them. I am in their corner and oppose all religious bigotry. One religion or faith is not better than another. One God. Many Manifestations.

      1. I most wholeheartedly agree. A person should have the freedom to interpret and build their own belief system. I really don’t think that hate has taken over America, but I do think that the media is portraying the situation as if it has. Of course…I know that dislike and misunderstanding and degrading behavior sometimes surround us. Through our faith we can overcome this negativity. Thank you for commenting back…have a wonderful weekend!

      2. Thanks for your input and comments. I suppose I see things differently as I am a Black Woman, College Graduate and U.S. Army Veteran who has been on the receiving end of hatred a good portion of my life. Not just discrimination but to the point I was physically attacked on my job by an crazed white male co-worker. No he was not punished until he threatened to kill another white person. Then he was allowed to retire. Can you say Double Standard? It is my belief that if most white people woke up Black or some other minority and were forced to go through what I experience they would all kill themselves within a week.

      3. I am certain that your experiences are very different from many of my personal experiences. When I made my comment, I was thinking of the current political situation regarding religion, emigration and deportation. I am well aware of the racial hate that is prevalent. Yes…there is an obvious double standard. Yet, we all have strife in our life…I realize not as severe as yours…but, things that we perceive as strife in our own minds. I have spent my career in education at multicultural public schools located in crime-ridden areas. To work with these children from around the world has been the largest honor of my life. They face so many challenges. I know that even the youngest have already felt hatred in their lives. The school is often the most positive place that they have ever been. Along with teaching the basic curriculum, I think it is important to help them find confidence, strength, a thirst for knowledge, their own voice and a large amount of determination. And more than that… acceptance and respect for every group of people. I hope you know how honest I am being and that my respect for your situation is immense.

      4. Yes I figured you were referring to the current negative political situation but my point is that hatred, racism and discrimination is so ingrained into American society and it’s thinking that though what is presently happening is awful it really is nothing new. Now the bigotry and hatred that existed all along has just been brought to the forefront. Now we have a Commander in Chief who sanctions this hatred. Encourages it. We are seeing once again the rise of the KKK, the American Nazi party and the Christian Identity Movement. The healing that might have been taking place is now a great gulf or void that is going to split this country apart. Whether we like to admit it or not this is a fragmented divisive society. Discrimination still lives and now it’s is being watered, fed so it is growing by leaps and bounds. Diversity is just some sort of code word. A nicety that does not even begin to deal with the issues in education (I just wrote a post on why America needs Black History month). The average white person knows little or nothing about the contributions of African Americans to our country. Ask any white child or adult who is Jacob Lawrence and what is the Great Migration. Blank stare. Basically ask any white person and all they can name are sports figures or entertainers. That says a lot right there. In fact the exclusion of Black and Native Americans from the history lessons just shows that most whites are happy and determined to write us out of this country’s history and exterminate us on a permanent basis.

      5. I understand your frustration and anger. I taught lessons on Black History and Native American History to every child, every year…in whatever grade I happened to be teaching….and not just during the designated month. And we did celebrate Black History month and make certain to acknowledge the leaders and the results of their leadership as well as the hardships. I personally do not admire sports figures and/or entertainers. You cannot lump all white people into one category of blank stares. And I have seen those blank stares, but no on everyone. Further… I disagree that diversity is a code word. I am not referring to diversity so that I can be nice and polite. I have seen diversity at the best level and the worst level. I know first hand the issues in education…especially in the large urban setting. You are not talking to someone who has not seen reality and places where change need to take place. I would never even think of excluding Black or Native American history lesson. I respect you and your opinions and I expect the same from you. Please do not lump everyone into one group with similar viewpoints. My viewpoints do not coincide with your ideas on how “whites” think. I would not do that to you. In all honesty, we are all one in my eyes. You can trust me on this.

      6. I do respect your opinions and I do not lump all whites into one category though it may seem that way. I can only speak from my experience. However if I offended you I am sorry. I express what I see and observe. Can’t really say I’m sorry for my opinions. Rarely am I seen as an individual. This is a country where I’m not wanted. The contributions of my people are not valued. Sorry but I do not have too much trust or faith in the system.

      7. I surely understand and you did not offend me. I like for people to express their opinions and you should never be sorry for your opinions. You should continue to take pride in who you are and what you have been able to accomplish. I…for one…value your contributions and those of all your people, my people, our people. Keep looking for the positives because they are out there. They may just seem hard to reach.

      8. Thanks for your input and feedback. It is good to know that people from all races read my posts and share their voices. Hopefully for the children of today the next generation things will change and they will not have to go through what I went through as a child and continues in my lifetime. Cheers to a better future for all Americans!! ❤

      9. Very true statement! I feel so sad that you had to go through difficulties as a child and difficulties even now. All we can do is to move forward with acceptance and encourage others to do the same. I enjoy your writing!

      10. Thanks for your support. I appreciate your encouragement and our dialogue. As for me well I’ve been on this planet almost 60 years and life is what it is. I can only change me. I only have control over me. Even when people are mean to me I remain professional. Yes I do stick up for myself and don’t allow people to talk down to me but sometimes silence is golden. Eventually I will retire and leave the racist rat race behind. I’m looking forward to walking away from the insanity being at peace and living a quiet life.

      11. I am a little over five years older than you and I know life is what it is too. You can change others in small ways…such as with your writing. You are touching people with your words when you do not even know it. Thank you for the discussion!

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