3 thoughts on “Nomine Michelle Obama – Named after Michelle Obama

    1. Same here. I’m in constant prayer. Photography helps keep me somewhat calm and focused. That is one of many reasons I Love Your Nature posts with all God’s wonderful creations. Reading your posts and looking at the amazing incredible outstanding photos makes me to understand that there is a force for good out there. Plus that I try to keep in mind one of my parents old sayings, “God don’t like ugly!” Therefore #NotMyPresident and his minions/cronies will get their comeuppance. Justice will prevail. We the American people must make the government accountable to us! God Bless you Cindy!!

  1. Thank you dancing Queen ;-),
    I m with you! In the name of Barack and Michelle!!
    Just posted an article about a German singer and writer.
    Her name is Sarah Connor. The title of her song is `Bedingungslos´. Don`t know the English word for it.
    If you like have a look. You may translate into English with a translator (link) by doing yourself.
    With love
    Jürgen from Loy (PJP my Pseudo)
    Here my post with soul:
    Title foto will be changed…

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