Watch “The Real Reason Alicia Keys Stopped Wearing Makeup” on YouTube

I agree with Alicia Keys. I’ve been pretty much makeup Free for years. Mostly because I am allergic to the chemicals and ingredients in most makeup and being a working woman I have no time for applying war paint. 

I don’t buy into the masks women are forced to wear in order to be beautiful. For the most part I just put some Vaseline or natural organic oils on my face, lips and body and run out the house. 

When I was in the dating game I tended to wear lipstick and mascara more often. Now I do me. I don’t have to please a man. Everything I do is for me. Makeup is and should be a choice. 

14 thoughts on “Watch “The Real Reason Alicia Keys Stopped Wearing Makeup” on YouTube

    1. For an entertainer that is a big step. I’m sure she experienced some backlash but she is making a statement that more women need to hear. Alicia Keys is an extremely talented singer and song writer and that’s what people should look at not whether or not she is wearing makeup.

      1. In the entertainment industry where youth and beauty are prized. Where you constantly see singers and actresses with face lifts and Botox or looking like they are wearing a Kabuki mask I Love the way Alicia Keys has decided to stand out in a positive way by taking off the mask. And she does it with grace and respect not knocking women who do wear makeup but giving assurance that the natural look is just as good.

      2. I love the reason why she did it! Don’t hide behind a mask AND don’t make yourself a slave of how others want you to be… because that will never work out anyway!

      3. Yup!! I know that’s right!! I’ve worked many museum social events with the “Beautiful People.” The filthy rich, wallowing in wealth, trust fund babies, etc… and I’ve never seen so many plastic injected faces and figures in my life. Even though I’ve seen this for 9 years it still boggles the mind and the vision as to what the fabulously wealthy do to themselves trying to beat the aging process.They nearly all look like that old movie, “The Stepford Wives!!”

        Like most women I have some vanity in me because I color my hair. I don’t like gray hair and sometimes I do break out the mascara and lipstick but once gravity takes over I have no plans spend my hard earned money on plastic surgery. Can’t understand why rich women want to look like Barbie dolls but that’s for another blog!! LOL!!

      4. I think it is all good as long it still fits our development. The sad thing is that it is visible how desperate some try to be not who they are and to try to turn back time. That makes them looking worth. Nothing matches! Nobody likes to get older or to look old but when your are find with yourself you look further in age but not old!

  1. Ah! I live in an area where so many women have the same face…and the same breasts sitting up high!! I have had enough surgeries for medical reasons…and though I don’t like the lines that get deeper on my face and neck…I won’t be joining the club. I have to think that I earned every one of them! I don’t wear much make up either…I used to…but like you it only makes my eyes itch and water.
    Hope all is good with you! ♡

    1. Allergic reactions are the reason I don’t wear makeup and of course the price. I stick to occasional lipstick if I’m attending a special event or a party. My job puts me in contact with the very rich and I’ve seen many famous people in the museum and it amazes me as to how these wealthy women live in Botox City and on Plastic Surgery Avenue. As far as my body goes nobody sees me naked except my doctor so I’m not concerned with living up to some preconceived notions of beauty. Also as I get older I’ve amassed many other health and medical concerns which take precedence over my looks.

      1. I get it! I was at a red light yesterday and I looked to my left at a passenger in a very expensive car…the way she had her head turned you could see that she had some kind of cheek implant…but it jutted out and then was FLAT…obviously plastic surgery gone wrong. I can’t imagine what it is lime to live with that knowing you made the choice to have the surgery. I also had a friend who had major work done on hernface…and afterward…she did not even look like herself!! I’m not digging some of the changes I see…like my neck!!! The beginnings of a waddle????? But hey, I’m happy to be alive…and I accept what nature is doing 😉
        It’s time to change my photo here as three years have gone by (and ND my hair.looks nothing like that!!) Have a great day, DeBorah ♡

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