Power of positivity 

Accentuating the Positive!!

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Another of our new features on ‘This Week’ involves being more positive about ourselves. What I am doing this year is with the help of Pacifica, I write down all the positive things that have happened on the day and I will read them back at the end of the week. You can do the same, tell us what your positive moments of glory that have happened throughout the day or in the week and we will read them out on my next show. Let’s bring the power of positivity to everyone 😃

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6 thoughts on “Power of positivity 

      1. I just replied to Deborah that this supported the shift of my perspective. It is empowering and opens up the mind. It makes you curious and motivates you to find more of the beautiful things that fill your heart with so much warmth and excitment! It was not the only tool I used but one of the most important ones. I trained myself to switch every negative thought in something that supports my actions and feelings instead of sabotaging them. After a while it became a reflex and meanwhile after years it is a simple habit! I thank you for sharing your idea and helping others to turn towards the light!

      1. It is! It helped me to change my life a lot because it opened my eyes to all the beauty and blessings I have overlooked. I was focused more on what I haven’t but on what I had and that way my life got enriched. I found more and more of what I have and my focus shifted completely!

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