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Long ago and far away when I had more people to shop for I always made a habit of getting all or at least 99% of my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving. I never understood people who wait until the last minute. That’s not me. I don’t like crowds and believe me the department stores in New York City and the surrounding suburban Malls are crowded with people who are last minute shoppers. It is like the plague of locusts converging and fighting over toys, clothes, household items etc…. Crazy!!

In this day and age of Internet Web Access Cyber Shopping is the way to go. Now as my family has considerably shrunk and I only have my brother Stephen to shop for I can find 98% of his gifts online. I tend to go with quality and trusted online stores like Land’s End. Of course now we are both in our mid-50s so Stephen likes clothes not toys. However he appreciates fun items also.  As a full-time working Woman I can order Stephen’s gifts and have them sent straight to his QCP Group Home Residence.

These last few years have been economically challenging for me but through hard work, long hours of overtime, personal sacrifice and frugal shopping I have been able to pretty much ensure that Stephen gets some gifts for Christmas. I don’t care if I have to eat Ramen Noodles for two months I’m more than happy to make changes in my lifestyle or give up things I want so Stephen can have. Stephen Vincent Palmer is the Greatest Autism Guy in the Whole Wide World!!

Here are a few photos of past Christmastimes!!!





  1. We are exactly the same, Deborah! I too use t have more or less everything by the end of November. There is still more than enough to do anyway and Christmas is each year at the same date… so it basically is a matter of organization unless something unexpected happens!

    1. Yes. So true. Basically the only on the spot retail shopping I do is at the museum. Since I work for the museum it is convenient. No hassles. Smooth sailing.

      The United States Postal Service and UPS have extra staff for the Holidays and will deliver packages even at 8 or 9 pm at night!! So even if I’m not here to get them my room-mate can receive them. As for Stephen there are always staff at his Group Home Residence so he always gets his packages and when a package comes for him they either email, text or phone me to let me know he received his gifts!! Outstanding!!

  2. A few years ago, I decided to completely stop Christmas shopping, mainly for economic reasons, so now I Christmas bake (or else I do all my shopping at the Liquor Store) – I figure I can cover all the bases between food and wine. I started to find retail shopping made me sad – seeing people spending money that they probably didn’t have on something that probably would not have much of a shelf life – it felt so empty to me. I think it’s different when there are children involved – and who am I too judge. What becomes my mantra over Christmas are captured quite nicely by the late great Nat King Cole in the song “Nature Boy” The final line—”The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, Is just to love and be loved in return”
    Just thinking out loud.
    Hope you have a very joyful Christmas and a New Year full of laughter, love and good health.
    Peace, Harlon

    1. Thanks for your input. I can understand the finance reasons that’s why I start in advance for Stephen. That way I have can do overtime to cover the costs. The Group Home Residence brought Stephen over yesterday at 5:30 pm so now that Stephen is with me you know I’m a Happy Camper!! Stephen is my Christmas Blessing!!

      Always Glad to hear from you Harlon! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Grace, Peace & Blessings to you in 2017!! ❤

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