Karim Sulayman – I Trust You | Meredith Kaufman Younger

I’m sorry that I was not able to be there in person to give Karim Sulayman a Hug but I send him my Cyber Hug.


In the wake of the 2016 Election results, people are afraid… and not afraid.

Nov. 19, 2016, Karim Sulayman, Central Park West, outside Trump International Hotel.

Enjoy The Season…

Let there be Peace and Trust for all!

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Dreams for Our Siblings


This young woman’s story of caring for a developmentally disabled sibling mirrors mine and Stephen’s story in so many ways.  It is a struggle to do this on your own and many times you cry out for someone to help you. However I discipline myself and put my desires and dreams on hold so Stephen can have a better Life. My needs always come second. Sacrifice is a way of life yet sometimes I don’t feel like I’m doing enough for my brother. I feel in many ways I could do better so I’m always searching for ways to be a better Sister for Stephen. That’s why I work the overtime to better my life so Stephen can have a full life.

Stephen’s Big Heart

This past Halloween as always I supplied Stephen with his costumes. I tend to buy Halloween costumes way in advance. I work extra overtime then order them. Was not sure what Stephen wanted to be so I ordered one Medieval Knight Costume and a couple of Spider-man costumes. Why two Spider-man costumes? Because when you order things online you are never sure of the fit since you can’t try them on. Anyway Stephen told me in September that his desire was to be a Medieval Knight so I told his Residence that they could donate the other two costumes to residents who had no families to buy for them. Of course they consulted Stephen and naturally being a Big-Hearted Autism Guy who always wants to help people he agreed. So Stephen was happy as were two other residents. Things worked out so well that Stephen and I plan to make this a Halloween tradition as many of his friends have no families to help them out.  My brother Stephen is not only a Most Awesome Autism Guy in the world but one of the most caring, compassionate, kind and gentle people I know!!

If you can please send a donation to Shareen Williams so she can provide for her intellectually challenged Sister Raheida Harry. I will be making my donation this week.