Dealing with No Home Web Access 

Well looks like my WordPress cell phone app works fairly well. Easy to use but no bells and whistles. However gets the job done. 

At least I can stay in touch with my blogging family. Hopefully all things being equal and with blessings from the Internet Web gods I shall be back online by mid December. 
In the meantime I will have lots of clean clothes because I’m posting at the corner laundromat. Lol!

Tomorrow I will try going to the library for Internet Web Access. 

Internet Trouble 

I have lost my home Internet connection. 

It may take me a while to get back on track. In the meantime I will Reblog and attempt to add new posts from various hot spots around the city. 

This post looks shoddy because I’m doing it from the corner laundromat. 

On my cell phone. First time I’ve used my WordPress cell phone app. Let’s hope it will not be a crappie appy! LOL! 

As much as I talk about being Off Grid this is no fun.  I prefer being connected.