FMLA Inclusion Act

This act did not pass otherwise I would not be having my current troubles. Hopefully it will be reintroduced once again and pass this time. I’ve been working closely with my contact at my Congressman Hakeem Jeffries office as well as my union DC 37. These last seven years have been a real struggle for me and Stephen and I’m hoping that soon we can stop struggling and start living.  We are ready for a breakthrough.

This bill brings some hope but it will not cover my situation.

10 thoughts on “FMLA Inclusion Act

    1. Too bad it’s just me alone. My wish is that other Americans would call, write or email their Congresspersons or reps. My one little voice won’t do much. After this week of vacation is over I’ll be back to working overtime and double shifts just to pay for legal representation for something that should be my right. Low income people like me suffer because we don’t have money, power or connections to make any significant changes. Just thinking about my situation makes me sick inside.

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