Demanding respect and more space in society but why does black women’s activism bother people so much?

No Justice! No Peace!! Silence = Collusion. Either you’re part of the problem or part of the Solution!! We will make our Voices Heard!! I am with you My African-Brazilian Sisters!! SiStars!!

Black Women Of Brazil


Note from BW of Brazil: Well, one must admit that this seems to be the case. For the decades and in fact centuries that black women of Brazil simply accepted the position that Brazilian society reserved for them, no one really said anything because, well, it was just the way things were. But times have changed and continue to change. Black Brazilian women want representation in ALL areas of Brazilian society as well as a voice at the table to discuss her role and how she will be portrayed. But with this activism has come all sorts of complaints and push back. Black women and the black population as a whole has been accused of “seeing racism in everything”, “whining” and forgetting “their place.” And we also note these attitudes in the increased racist internet attacks on black women who have prominent public profiles (see here

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4 thoughts on “Demanding respect and more space in society but why does black women’s activism bother people so much?

  1. That’s an excellent question “why does black women’s activism bother people so much? and I think it needs more discussion. I’m from Canada where I think the black experience is different from America, so I think the issues in the States are probably more complex. My initial response is, as we have learned from your recent election, that there is a lot of people in places of power who do not want to give up that power, I think discrimination against African-Americans is fairly engrained in many Americans, particularly within the police and justice system. If you add feminism to the equation, then you are dealing with the issue of sexism. Colour and gender should not make anyone uncomfortable, I’d like to think that things will get better as the younger generations replace the dogmas of the traditional holders of power. I think there are some very strong African American women out there who are great role models, I think that will help. The bottom line is that for some reason, that I can’t understand, there are still people out there that think less of a person because of their colour and gender. I don’t know how to speed up the change in idealogy, but a change is going to come!
    I didn’t answer your question, but I hope some day that is a question that won’t have to be asked anymore. Keep your voices loud and united.
    Peace, Harlon

    1. Harlon, Your commentary is much appreciated. Yes racism, bigotry and discrimination is ingrained in American culture, social aspects, media, government, economic and every other facet of the USA. Those in power will do everything to keep the status quo. Unfortunately with the new incoming president who condones all negative bias things might get worse before they get better. America is going backwards to the days of Jim Crow. Already the president-elect is moving forward with the Muslim registry, dissolving Obamacare, building the wall between the USA and Mexico plus getting rid of nearly all the Civil Rights laws that are currently on the books. I’m not looking forward to his coronation on Jan. 20th. My country is facing four years of darkness. Again many Thanks for your input.

      1. There’s so much to talk about on this issue. As your neighbour to the north, I am finding myself feeling anxious and fearful about the future because of the new President. I had hoped things were moving forward, now I fear that what gains have been made will be lost or stifled. Your new leader is the polar opposite of ours so the contrast is striking and disturbing.
        I’m there with you in spirit (but I am keeping my body in Canada) 🙂 Harlon

      2. Some Americans have actually emigrated to Canada but I’m here for the long haul. This is my country too and I’m not leaving. Also my brother Stephen is here so I must stay and endure. As a US Army Veteran I’m sad to see an America where the safety net is about to be cut and removed. A few days ago I received my statement from the Veteran’s Administration regarding my medical care. I suppose those benefits will also go by the wayside even though I served my country yet Dhrump never did nor did any of his kids?! I am doing lots of praying.

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