The rising popularity of Kwanzaa in Brazil: Festa in celebration of African heritage catching on in cities like Salvador and São Paulo

Kwanzaa in Brazil

Black Women Of Brazil


Note from BW of Brazil: For millions of people around the world, today is celebrated as Christmas Day. And although I partake in family-oriented events, in recent years I have tended to look at the day more for what it really is: the Winter Solstice. Coming from a background in which Christmas usually has anywhere from 3-7 inches of snow on the ground, I must admit, Natal (Christmas in Portuguese) is a little strange. How strange?

natal-sp-2 Avenida Paulista, São Paulo: Feliz Natal

Well, right now in New York it’s 39 degrees fahrenheit while in São Paulo on December 23rd it was about 35 degrees…celsius! In other words, about 95 degrees fahrenheit!! For any American living in Brazil, particularly those from northern states, seeing men parading the streets and in shopping malls in the typical red and white Papa Noel (Santa Claus) suit in such scorching heat is perhaps the pinnacle of superficiality…

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Manic Panic Vampire Red

Manic Panic Vampire Red is my hair color of choice. It is Vegan and does not have that chemical smell of many hair dyes.

Easy and simple to apply. However if you are messy like me please use plenty of old towels and sheets in your bathroom. 

I have received many compliments since I began using the Manic Panic color line earlier this year. As a woman who works long hours I deserve a treat and I enjoy making myself beautiful. 

Yesterday I treated myself to a pedicure and waxing. 

I’m very happy with the Manic Panic products and I will continue to purchase from them in the future. 

Manic Panic is Outstanding! !