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      1. thefeatheredsleep

        You are so beautiful my friend, is the other picture of a little girl in a school uniform also of you? I love old pictures, they echo the passing of time, the bittersweet loveliness of memories. BIG HUGS to a cutie xo

      2. thefeatheredsleep

        nooooo! You are SO cute! I saw that picture and just loved it so much – I’m so glad you have your pictures of your childhood it’s so important, you were always a beautiful soul inside and out my friend. I love looking at people changing throughout the years. xo

      3. Thanks! My parents were very good at keeping all our childhood photos and when I had a scanner I scanned as many of them as possible into the computer. Let’s hope all the changing is for the better!

      4. thefeatheredsleep

        It is my friend, it is.
        You were the cutest little girl (I was hideous, big head, small body, massive teeth!)
        love your pictures, and you grew up into a lovely person xo

  1. it happen to me
    accept it was the phone
    At eight am
    something about my insurance not covering me
    And most of the time it’s them not me
    In the middle of a good dream
    Planets not in line

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