Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 20



Mattress and plastic sheet Street Art


Mary. Mary. Quite Contrary. How does your Garden Grow? With Skull-like Cranium Shells and Pretty Emerging Faces all askew.


My Favorite Oddball of this past week is the Dancing Samurai aka the Japanese Tom Cruise!!  We both did our own special boogie along the area that connects the 4,5, & 6 subway trains to the L train.  The Dancing Samurai had two very quiet yet watchful brightly colored chickens.  This station is named 14th Street Union Square. That laughter you hear is me cackling along to the music!! LOL!!








7 Seven Bell Fitness Gym

This is an Oldie but Goodie Post! I figure it fit the word prompt Theme of Health from The Daily Post. I’m now 57 but still in good shape but unable to do certain types of exercises due to bad knees and arthritis. I still walk doing my Soulful Struts that you can find on my Photography Blog Roaming Urban Gypsy. http://www.roamingurbangypsy.com

Enjoy my Eye of the Tiger Moment!! 🙂 😀 LOL!!

Espiritu en Fuego/A Fiery Spirit

Victory Salute at Seven Bell Fitness Gym Victory Salute at Seven Bell Fitness Gym



I’m a Victorious Over-comer in the making! For me the keys to unlock the prison was to Challenge myself. I joined Seven Bell Fitness gym located in Brooklyn in April. Did a Strength test. My trainer said I was in good shape for a 55 year old woman. So psyched I signed up to do 10 lessons. One training per week. My trainer encourages me to push myself. I felt so good after knocking myself out. Endorphin and adrenaline rush!! Do the thing you fear the most.

Yes at 55 these exercises are more difficult for me than when I was 18 and doing Basic Training courtesy of Uncle Sam but I want more for myself. I desire Great Health and I’m gonna make it happen. No time for dissenting voices. I Listen to my true friends who encourage…

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