Apologies are powerful, transformative experiences. This week, use an apology as your creative springboard.

When I was a young woman I was forever apologizing. Mostly for perceived failures, faults and weaknesses.  I wanted for people to not only like me but to think that I was talented, smart, gifted and intelligent. I think that women often fall into that trap because we are raised to be people pleasers.  Make your parents happy, siblings, husband, children, boss, Pastor/Preacher/Minister, society in general. Then I turned 40 and stopped apologizing for being me. Whether I win or lose, pass or fail the only One I must please is God and everybody else can step to the side.

After I turned 50 I stopped caring what people thought of me. Whatever other people think is on them. I’m Living this Life for me and Nobody else. Naturally like anyone else I want to make a good impression on supervisors at my job and potential Lovers but you know as time has marched on I realized that all I need to do is the best job possible as for men well I made the choice early in life to remain single. Single by choice. I don’t chase men. Also if they are not up to my standards they will get kicked to the curb. I enjoy my own company and have learned that being alone does not mean being lonely.  The Goddess does not apologize for Being In Total Control of Herself!!

No apologies Needed.

Anita Baker – I Apologize