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      1. That’s what it seems like. So wonderful. I also read the fantastic news and am so happy for you and Stephen. You must be so proud of your efforts.

      2. This is a state Law. It only affects New York State. The Federal Law still has not changed. New York is fortunate because we have a progressive Governor, Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Also the law takes affect Jan. 2018. I plan to retire in April 2018 so it will not directly benefit Stephen and me. That’s why I’m celebrating for my fellow New Yorkers.

      3. I am very happy. Very pleased with the results. God has always taken care of both Stephen and me and I’m sure the Lord will continue to watch over and give us favor in the future. My trust and faith has always been in God. As I get older Faith Matters. Also I’ve gained perspective. We do what we do not just to benefit ourselves or our Loved ones but for the thousands and millions out there who need the help more than we do.

        Anyway I retire in 2018 so it will all work out in the end.

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