Wanted: Young & Single & Free ~~ A Grown Folks Post ~ Adult Rated

This is a Grown Folks Post ~~ Adult Rated

Jody Watley – Looking For A New Love

Can you Handle It?


Honey Cone – Want Ads 1970

Time to add some romance to my life. Had one summer fling last year but I’ve decided I don’t want to deal with men in their mid-60s who think they are still players. I ain’t got time for that. I see other women in their mid- to late 50s dating younger men so I do believe I will expand my horizons. Not interested in robbing the cradle but women should have the same options as men have had for many years.

Yes there might be snow on the roof but there is still fire in the furnace! Well not much snow thank’s to L’Oreal Feria!! LOL!! For those women who have not crossed the bridge past 50 romance is not just the domain of the teens, 20 or 30 somethings. Menopause is not the end of one’s sex life or it should not be. Things might slow down but there is always the opportunity to restart one’s engines. Also I’d like to sweat for a better reason than a hot flash! My head still turns when I see a good-looking Bronze brother-man except now my common sense dominates as opposed to my hormones.

Wanted: Young and Single and Free!!  Well not too young. Searching for my Chocolate King from 45 to late 50s. All your mechanics must work without the help of that little blue diamond shaped pill.  I’m not trying to push your old ass offa me after you done had a heart attack!

Financially stable. No romance without finance. Yes I want the flowers, chocolate, spa treatments including hair, hands, feet and all that a true Queen deserves. If you’re ready to obtain. You must maintain. Yes I am worthy! Gigolos hit the door!

Personal hygiene is a must. Ladies you’d be surprised how many men who don’t believe in bathing, deodorant or brushing their teeth think they deserve a mate. No way!

Yes you must believe in God. Going to church every so often won’t hurt. I need a Christian man who is free-spirited and a free thinker. They are not mutually exclusive. Read the Song of Solomon. The most romantic book in the Bible.

Must like to laugh and have a sense of humour.

I take good care of my body and so should you!  I am 50+ Fabulous!!

Louis Jordan Reet, Petite, And Gone

Physically fit. I’m not trying to get next to Quasimodo or the Pillsbury Dough-Boy. If you gotta lift up your gut to find your “package” then I’m not the woman for you. No Jabba the Huts need apply. Your application will be returned marked Rejected in big red letters. Yup! Returned to Sender at address unknown!!  Bald is no problem. Telly Savalas aka Kojack and Issac Hayes ~~ Mr. Hot Buttered Soul were the sexiest men on the planet!

Isaac Hayes ~~ Hot Buttered Soul
Isaac Hayes ~~ Hot Buttered Soul


Don’t cha just wanna reach out and rub that head? Tell the truth! You know just wanna caress the dome!

Who Loves Ya Baby

Must love cats. Love me. Love my cats. Both of them. Otherwise you won’t be getting anywhere near the other ‘cat.’

I’m ready to be your Ebony Queen. I don’t do side chick nor do I believe in man-sharing. I’m more woman than you might know what to do with. If you have an account with Ashley Madison stay away from me. But then again you’re probably already busted anyway?! Right!

I like to go out and enjoy myself. Life is meant to be lived. I’m ready to travel and see the world. How about you? Curl up with a good book? Better yet curl up with a good woman.

Where are you my African-American King?


Romantic Lies and Deceptions


We are in Love with the idea of Love but Reality is oh so different. Romance is a broken down heap in an unused garage with a drunken clipped wing Cupid splayed out beside it swilling in his own vomit.  The illusions of Cupid were shot down by his own arrows.  Arrows tipped with poison that turn healthy beating hearts into gangrenous rotting putrid shells. Love is anxiety, disappointment, hurt, pain and stress coupled with fear.  Vitreous Spears of viperous snakes slithering from brain to core corrupting of part of human life.

Last night I spied Venus and Mars exiting the House of the Rising Sun on their way to the local dive bar. Yup Love and War. Two sides of the same coin.

Cupid and his mother Venus are thinking of getting their own Reality show called Life’s Broken Dreams. Broken Dreams lead to Broken Hearts. Walk in the Light of Truth and kick both Cupid and Venus to the curb!  The Steel Iron Armor has sealed my Amore and the key has been thrown in the River Styx.

Cupid shot by his own Arrow.
Cupid shot by his own Arrow.

Why are People in Love so Far Apart?

Why are people in Love so far apart?

Bonnie Raitt – I Can’t Make You Love Me


Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Separated not just by physically distance but two souls dancing around the issue called Love divided by a silk screen of doubt, fear, and past broken heart discouragements called failure. Shattered confidences strewn across the floor of our souls forever keeping us apart though the Universe deems us Life Partners.

Who really holds the satin cord? Who weaves the strains together and pulls them apart? Wherein lays the underside of the tapestry a tangle of warp and weft?

Trust torn asunder. Impossible to mend. Eventually the day will be at end and what could have been will never be. The Days Remains are now ashes and dust scattered by Sirocco winds.


Jephthah’s Daughters

Jephthah’s Daughters.(Click here to read more)

Shall we regard our girl children as Jephthah’s Daughters?  How long will we continue to perpetuate the adage, “Women love their sons, but raise the daughters.”  Every child deserves the opportunity to succeed in life but success comes through accepting responsibility and learning to be accountable.  Any child male or female who constantly lashes out at authority figures in a bid to always be “right” is a child bound for prison or the graveyard.  Stop making girls the sacrificial lambs!!

Ladies, let’s love our girl children and stop putting them on the altar in order to save a son who does not wanted to be saved and does not think he needs help or worse some no account man who should not even be a part of our households to begin with. Let us not return to ancient times when girls and women were thought of as little more than chattel or commodities to be bought and sold. (See below for more details on ancient economies)

Girl Sacrifice

“One of the unusual things about the Bible is that it preserves some bits of this larger context. … It would seem that the economy of the Hebrew kingdoms, by the time of the prophets, was already beginning to develop the same kind of debt crises that had long been common in Mesopotamia: espe­cially in years of bad harvests, the poor became indebted to rich neigh­bors or to wealthy moneylenders in the towns, they would begin to lose title to their fields and to become tenants on what had been their own land, and their sons and daughters would be removed to serve as servants in their creditors’ households, or even sold abroad as slaves.

“[This is what the biblical book of Nehemiah is referring to in the passage,] ‘Some of our daughters are brought unto bondage already: neither is it in our power to redeem them.’ One can only imagine what those words meant, emotionally, to a father in a patriarchal society in which a man’s ability to protect the honor of his family was everything. Yet this is what money meant to the ma­jority of people for most of human history: the terrifying prospect of one’s sons and daughters being carried off to the homes of repulsive strangers to clean their pots and provide the occasional sexual services, to be subject to every conceivable form of violence and abuse, pos­sibly for years, conceivably forever, as their parents waited, helpless, avoiding eye contact with their neighbors, who knew exactly what was happening to those they were supposed to have been able to protect. … http://www.delanceyplace.com/view_archives.php?2009

Donations to this Ministry for the Housing Fund can be made in U.S. Funds via money order or bank checks made payable to Rochdale Village Inc. 169-65 137th Avenue, Jamaica, NY 11434, Account No. 083-11G-16924 or directly to deborah.palmer280@gmail.com via Paypal.  Thank you and God Bless.

Listen to My Voice

Listen to my voice

Listen to my voice. Listen to the sound of my voice.

Leda & Radu
Leda & Radu

Leda began her hair color ritual in the usual way. She carefully laid out the tools of her trade on the bathroom sink and the top of the commode. Being a small bathroom there was not much space but Leda made do within her sanctuary. Hair color, towels, mirror, comb, gloves, check. Now Leda was ready. Using a wide tooth comb she divided her thick unruly curls into sections applying even amounts of color first to her roots then all the way through to the ends. Pulling the comb through her mane Leda envisioned Radu’s well groomed hands entangling themselves within the kinks and knaps of mother Africa all the while gently massaging her scalp and kissing the nape of her neck. Leda massaged the remaining color through her tangled tresses then set the timer for 25 minutes walking the short distance to her bedroom to meditate while the process worked its magic.

During the 25 minutes of meditation Leda visualized her lover Radu sitting next to her on the bed speaking softly and gently in his Eastern European accent all the while kissing her brows, the bridge of her nose and finally her lips. She could feel the bristle of his closely manicured beard against her face all the while falling into a deep blend of olive skin intermingled from Slavic, Romanian, Turkish and Macedonian blood lines. From his lips issued the voices of ancient Kings worshipping the Queens of Africa, Sheba and Candace.

He sometimes stopped to look deeply into her eyes mentally willing the both of them to become one flesh.

Suddenly the buzz of the timer interrupted her reverie and off she went to turn on the shower preparing to rinse out the excess color treatment. As Leda stepped under the powerful flow of the water Radu’s spirit stepped in with her and they were transported to the thunder of Caribbean waterfalls, enveloped in thunder of the cascading streams. Radu’s hands were like the streams of water entering into every sensitive place of her temple. She could feel his lips and hands as they worked their way down from her neck, breasts to that soft mound of flesh above her pubic area where he loved to rest his head after a night of lovemaking. Water and color ran down over all the nooks and crannies of her curves.

Ring, ring, ring, the sound of the phone brought Leda out of her fantasy and quickly toweled off and managed to answer before the machine kicked in.

“Ello Layda. I just arrived at JFK. Taking a taxi to your place. See you in a few minutes.”

Leda rejoiced. Her fantasy was about to become real. Her Lover was almost home. Her thoughts wandered to a romantic tryst in the hot tub at their friends chalet.

Ferrari Sex Machine
Ferrari Sex Machine