The Science of Screams

The Science of Screams

For Rosa-Linda

Him Flogs She Body. Barbed Wired Her Brain. Gnaws Her Bones Nightly. Severes all Her Simulations. Him drove a rickety blue Oldsmobile where regular toe curling sessions took Place. Hail Fellow Well Met.

Battleground Them

He drove a hinckty Snakehips Pontiac Blue Firebird.

Much like his overall personality.

Her pain. His titillation. Him Hemlocking around. As Her drew my threadbare tunic closer to her body against early morning chills. Blood pouring from every lower orifice. His- a one man terror regime.

Room peeling paint. Patches of irregular wallpaper strips patchwork piecemeal coverings portions of sheetrock. Five year old past calendar. The only change rot and decay. She lay wedged between failures and faults. .

A Life in Tatters and Ruins

She Places Slips of Slips inside The Burning Bowl.

Chapel Vigil Evokes Memory Simulations of Toxic Twisters.

Chemical Combustion Scorched Dirt. Flickers Dust. Burnt sandcastles turned Rust.

Crying Stones. She felt a force pushing her back. Toiling. Roiling. Boiling.

Milky white Snow blizzard Mirrors. Swirling. Twirling. Nearly sucking in Her substance.

Break the Mirror! Break it I say! Break it Now!

Tidal Ebbs and Flows.