RDP Tuesday: WALK

Brooklyn Botanic Garden Celebrity Walkway August 2016

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RDP Tuesday: Walk

Brooklyn Botanic Garden- August 2016

Famous People Born or raised in Brooklyn

This is only a small selection of the names. I took many photos of the celebrity names along the walkway back in August 2016. Fortunately my brother Stephen is very patient and Loves the Brooklyn Botanic Garden as much as I do.

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9 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: WALK

    1. As Stephen and I were walking along I was surprised by the number of celebrities born in Brooklyn. There were a lot more on this Brooklyn Walk of Fame but the Blog Post would have broken down from overload had I added them. I remember Cousin Brucie. WABC.

      1. Not familiar with Murray but I spent a lot of time listening to WWRL & WBLS which were the Black Radio stations. Frankie Crocker, Ken “Spider man ” Web, Vaughn Harper, Bobby Jay.

      2. Eventually WWRL became a Gospel station. Now it’s an India Indian Radio station. WINS was the All News Radio station. There tag was, You give us ten minutes and we’ll give you the world.

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